Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs in 2020


The massage chairs are designed in a manner to provide massages to a person and helping them to relax. The first massage chair ever designed was by Nobuo Fujimoto in the year 1954. The designer of the chair made various kinds of sample massage chairs by using the scrap materials before he was completely satisfied with his design of chair. The zero gravity massage chairs are designed in a manner that they can be suspended to such a position that there would be no gravitational force acting on the body of the person sitting on the chair. The zero gravity massage chair works by leaning back the body of the person into such a position that weight of the particular person gets uniformly distributed and it was NASA who was the inventor of the zero gravity technology.

Zero gravity massage chairs are something unique and new in the Indian market. They can give you a feeling of relaxation and pour out all the tiredness from your body in a matter of minutes. However, the luxury of relaxation comes at a cost. With some zero gravity massage chairs costing a whole fortune, it’s only inevitable that one keeps reconsidering their decision to buy such a chair. But worry not, we’ve made it easier for you.

List of Top 10 Best zero gravity massage chairs

10. Tankoo Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

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This electric zero gravity massage chair comes with a 3-year warranty and is multi-functional. The newest zero gravitational ergonomic design gives you complete physical and mental rest. There are 8 points in the backrest, giving you a rejuvenating back massage. Along with this, there heaters inside the foot and back areas, which improve metabolism and promote blood circulation. The seat massager has air squeeze, vibrate and heat functions. There are 50 compressed bags of air all over the body which massage the user satisfactorily. For the arms, there are pulsed massagers with built in air bags. For the feet, it contains a state-of-the-art roller. It can also extend footrests for taller individuals. The most amazing feature of this chair is that it has 4 presets for massage. It also has a pretty good display screen and inbuilt music player.

9. FocRelaxer Electric Full-Body Massage Recliner

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This chair too has a high definition display with a personalized remote controller. Along with that, it has 3 pre-loaded presets with different auto massage programs. These are also manually adjustable. What’s special about this one is that it has high quality leather which is fully equipped with a safe flame-retardant sponge. Twenty-five air bags have been placed all over the arms, head, shoulders, legs and feet. This one too has an ergonomic and zero gravitation recliner design. Taller people need not worry, the footrest can be manually extended. The 8 sets of massage points are placed inside the backrest in such a way that they work together along with the 6 roller massagers in the foot area to provide one with the best and most complete massage. Even this is fully manually adjustable. Along with this, there are quite a few additional features. These include buttock vibration and a four-part heat function for the waist, lower back and feet. These improve metabolism and increase the circulation of blood throughout the body.

8. 4 Ocean N005 3 Stage Massage Recliner

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This massage chair comes with an officially approved 3-year warranty. The inbuilt 0 gravity vaccum is spread adequately across the entirety of the chair. This one too has 8 massage points placed inside the backrest. Airbags in the shoulder area have salient points which can softly apply air pressure on the shoulders. This helps in alleviating shoulder pain and weariness. One of the most interesting features is that it has a three-dimensional robotic hand in the backrest. There is a unique feature called stretch which improves posture and stretches the back muscles, thus strengthening the overall frame and spine of the body. There are 4 preset massage courses which are fully user-customizable. Airbags positioned at appropriate places all over the chair work together and help in better overall relaxation of the body. The Shiatsu technique coupled with the kneading function work brilliantly to provide the best massage experience.

7. Ilory Relax Massaging Chair

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This massage chair comes with a 100 percent approved 3-year warranty. It has 3 stages of zero-gravity inclinations. This aligns your vertebra in relation to your lower body, which fully supports the upper body regions, including the stress-inflicted section of the vertebrae. Thus, it allows you to feel completely relaxed. The inbuilt features of this product are truly amazing. It has a seat vibrator for relaxing after sedentary work. It also has 4 presets for auto massage which can be edited as and when desired. Another thing user-customizable is the full body air massage which covers area such as shoulder, arm, calf and lower back. The foot rollers are marvelous as they gently press the underside of the foot to eliminate the long day’s tension. Heaters are also present which help to eliminate the strain caused by tired muscular ligaments and joints. These also help in improving metabolism and blood circulation.

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6. Cozzia Shiatsu Massage Chair

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This special 16027 massage chair from Cozzia is extremely user-friendly. It has an auto-scan technology that matches a custom massage routine to each user. It also has zero gravity reclination which makes the spine parallel to the ground and keeps the knees in an elevated position. This eliminates the pressure on the vertebrae and heightens relaxation during use. A uniquely shaped back rest is embedded and specifically designed to provide the spine with comfort and alleviate stress. This amazing model has 6 pre-programmed massage routines along with 5 levels of intensity and 3 width adjustments. The Cozzia 16027 also boasts an impressive built-in air pressure feature for the legs and feet. One can set the time and turn it off easily using a simple and handy remote control. The synthetic leather is of very good quality and gives the feel of real leather. Other massage features include Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage and tap massage. Overall, this a very worthy product.

5. Zity Full Body Massage Chair

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This chair features a new ergonomic zero gravity design and separate functions depending on the body part you want massaged. For the back, it contains two sets of massage heads kneading the back gently, giving the experience of an actual real-life massage. The arms get wrapped in the air bags present on the arm rest. These airbags gently squeeze the arm with comforting compression. The entirety of the control of this chair is in your own hands as the controller is always in reach so that you don’t have to move during your massage session. The chair also has airbags for the hip area which are inbuilt into the seat and along the sides. The foam used in this chair is of top-notch quality and a silencer is present to quieten the air pump. There is also a high-power motor along with a built-in music player to keep you relaxed and entertained.

4. Sogo Zero Gravity Recliner

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This compact “mini” massage chair comes with a lot of perks and functions. These functions include kneading, rocking, tapping, Shiatsu and various other combinations. An inbuilt massage heating roller function provides heat therapy from the neck to the lower back. The chair comes with a three-level massage intensity setting, which the user can adjust according to their preference and comfort. This multifunctional chair also comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers to add to the good time. One can eliminate muscle fatigue, exhaustion, back pains and joint stiffness. It also boosts metabolism and blood circulation. Due to its sleek and compact design, it is aesthetically appealing to look at. it is not too heavy on power consumption as it has a power-friendly motor.

3. Osaki 4000 Reclining Massage Chair

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This state-of-the-art massage chair comes equipped with the latest technology. It has a smart computer scan system which enables the rollers to map the curvature of the spine very accurately, in turn delivering a more precise massage. The ergonomic S design is specifically created to cater to various spine shapes. Airbag massagers are placed around the arms, calves, hips and shoulders to relieve stress on these areas. The zero-gravity stage aligns the vertebrae in a way that one feels the utmost comfort. The presence of two heating pads improves metabolism and circulation of blood throughout the body. Along with all this, it is also equipped with a full-sized remote controller and is made with high quality synthetic leather. It also has five levels of speed and three levels of intensity. Features such as Swedish and Shiatsu massage are also included.

2. Uenjoy Massage Chair

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This is a full-body massage chair with a variety of presets and functions. The zero-gravity feature helps in evenly spreading and distributing the weight, thus reducing load on the spine and hips. It has 14-point fixed massages for the back and uses techniques such as kneading, tapping and pressure to provide optimal comfort and pain relief. A unique feature of this chair is that it is calf-scalable, to cater to all users, tall or short. This feature is controlled easily using a handy remote. Also present is an arm capsule which can also send pulsing vibrations to the arms to provide relief and comfort. This feature is also available for the body section as well. Last but not the least, it has an ergonomic design to improve blood flow and metabolic rate.

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1. Ootori Recliner

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This product comes with top-quality polished artificial leather that is very soft to feel and quite durable. It has a 3-year warranty and it tested before shipping. It features many methods such as Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, heating and vibrating. It also contains a 0-gravity reclining capsule and a built-in arm link and heat system for a rejuvenating massage. This combines various massage techniques for a near-perfect massage from top to bottom. This particular well-designed massage recliner can work magically and wonderfully on any exhausted or under-stress body and/or mind. From relaxing your muscles to getting a good night’s rest, one can relax themselves both physically and mentally. A remote controller makes things easy as it is very handy. This is a perfect relaxation option which provides professional comfort in the ease of one’s own home.

Advantages of Buying the Chairs

  • It helps in the oxygenating of the blood when it reaches from the heart into the lungs.
  • It helps in the improvement of the blood flow and makes it reaches faster to places where it doesn’t usually flow in adequate amount.
  • Placing the body of the patients suffering from ulcers and edema in legs in the zero gravity posture relieves the patients from blood pooling.
  • Placing the body in the zero gravity posture helps the lungs to inflate more which allows more oxygen to get into the body of the person which very much recommendable.
  • The zero gravity posture makes the body feel very light, helps better circulation of blood along with inflation of the lungs which is very much desirable. As a result of this the body feels relaxed and the muscles allow better penetration of nodes and rollers which help to smash any tight area or knot in the body that might make the person feel uncomfortable or experience pain.
  • Stress relief is another important aspect of using the zero gravity massage chair. Sitting in the zero gravity massage chair with one’s most favourable massage setting helps the person to feel calm, relaxed and content. Stress is a major issue in today’s generation so if a person knows of any way to eliminate it from its life then that should be seriously considered.
  • The spinal cord of any person takes a lot of pressure on a regular basis. Therefore the zero gravity posture helps the spine to de-stress and enlarge which when accompanied by the favourable massage setting of the person helps the person feel relaxed instantly and also relieves the person from the back pain they feel on a continuous basis. It also puts the spine in its normal curved position helping it to relax and revive.
  • Stiffening of the neck and shoulders is a very common problem with employees who have a desk job and needs to sit for a prolonged period of time. Sitting constantly in itself is a very bad posture and only intensifies the problem as sitting in the same position for a very long time is quite dangerous for the body. Therefore the zero gravity posture helps the person to get rid of the neck pain as the zero gravity massage chair helps to uniformly distribute the body weight eliminating a lot of pressure from the neck.
  • Massage therapies are quite costly and so are the massage chairs, but if a person is investing in one of these zero gravity massage chairs then it is surely going to pay off as the person need not to go for any more massage therapies and can relax on the massage chair in their home.
  • Massage therapies are quite time consuming so a zero gravity massage chair can save a lot of time of the person as he doesn’t need to move out.


Zero gravity massage chairs are a great option for people who have a packed schedule and get very less time to relax. They are a bit costly but are definitely a very investment as they have numerous benefits and are surely going to pay off within a year by saving the money of a person which used to get spent on massage therapies.

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