Top 8 Best Tacoma Bed Covers in 2020


Many people have embraced Tacoma bed covers for their pickups. It protects your cargo from thieves, disturbance, and environmental conditions. Therefore, having your precious items damaged by rain or intense heat from the sun is a snowball’s chance in hell. Most people use them to alter the look of their trucks too.

There are many Toyota Tacoma bed covers that individuals and businesses are selling. However, it may become hard to determine which ones are perfect for your truck. You may end up disappointed if you purchase from someone who does not care. In this guide, we have provided you with detailed information for each cover. Therefore, make sure that you have your truck’s measurement to choose your product wisely. Continue reading to know the top 8 best Tacoma bed covers in 2020.

List of Our Top 8 Best Tacoma bed covers in 2020

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8. Gator Evo Hard Bi-Fold (fits) 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma

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Make your truck your lifestyle by using this cover from GatorCovers. They are among the best Tacoma bed covers made in the US. The unique feature of this cover is that it is the only bi-folding hard Tonneau cover you will come across. Sometimes even the smallest details make a bigger difference. Therefore, with a single fold, you will make half of your luggage space available.

GatorCover uses heavy-duty aluminum powder to coat their panels. So, no environmental components will affect it. If you consider its design, you can lock each panel into the side rails; this way, your cargo will be safe, and you will have no room for nosy questions from people. Moreover, removing the cover is even simpler; unlatch from the rails and get a full bed. The warranty lasts 3 years.

Many people love this Tacoma bed covers because they can drive with the cover half open- thanks to its storage straps. Also, accessing the full truck bed without using your hands is possible due to the presence of a prop rod.

7. FUYU Soft Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma 2016-2018 with 6ft/72in Fleetside Bed

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If you are looking for Tacoma bed covers, then you should put FUYU Tonneau Cover into consideration. However, you should make sure that you have Toyota Tacoma 2016- 2018. Additionally, your truck should have a fleetside bed of 6ft/72 in.

This cover will make you enjoy the effects of its anti-curl corners: the roll up and lock soft style. Further, when the cover rolls up, the tarp connected to the crossbars rolls up too. Also, the cover occupies the top of the bed rails. Not only does it minimize bed intrusion but also helps in water runoff. Its installation is super-easy since it is pre-assembled and no special tools are needed. You can install everything at your home. The manufacturer spent more time improving its strength and quality by making use of an aluminum frame.

After purchasing, you will receive a package of the essential items such as the mounting hardware and the Tonneau Cover. The hardware includes bolts, bracket, and mounting taps. Thus, you can mount the bed cover within a few minutes even without seeking assistance.

The cover has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon. Were it not for one customer who got the wrong one – though it was corrected – this product would have 5 stars. Therefore, we recommend you to ensure that it fits your vehicle before buying. Lastly, this cover is made using high-quality material and has a long-lasting frame.

6. LEER Latitude Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, 2016

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Leer has been in business for over five decades. Therefore, you can trust their Tacoma bed covers and get yourself this product. Moreover, only their truck covers will give you an exclusive cync latching system. This gives you quick access and ability to open the cover with one hand.

Leer made it using 21’ OZ triple layer twill vinyl sailcloth, one of the best truck cover materials, to make it serve you for years. Additionally, it protects your truck bed from water; its support framework has slanting edges and curved corners. The engineers used a self-tensioning frame to maintain it in a fixed position. Thus, the bed cover has no stability concerns.

What customers love is that they are easy to install and user-friendly. Therefore, no drilling – during installation – is required. Also, it allows versatility by incorporating security buckles. The buckles allows you to drive with your cover open, but still very secure, or closed depending on what you enjoy. This means that you do not have to put it away when not in use.

5. Rough Country – 44716601 – Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover

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Rough Country’s Tri-Fold Vinyl Tonneau is a perfect choice to end your search of Tacoma bed covers. It has a sleek look and installation is a piece of cake: it has a quick clamp system- no tools are required. Therefore, it only takes 30 minutes to mount. There are various advantages to buying this cover. First of all, the sleek appearance reduces consumption of the fuel and hence saves you money. Also, you will get additional security from the tailgate lock.

These Tacoma bed covers fit 6’ bed models only. Additionally, the truck must have a cargo management system. Also, it has a tri-fold design with an all-weather seal. Therefore, you can access your bed quickly and haul your cargo without removing the cover. Upon purchasing, you get a full package; a lightweight aluminum frame; a black vinyl bed cover of high-quality; and a safety strap. A limited lifetime warranty backs this brand of tri-fold vinyl covers.

Many people prefer Rough Country’s Tri-Fold Vinyl Tonneau to other covers since it fits perfectly on a 6’ bed which is ideal for most Toyota Tacoma Models. Also, they find it with high-quality construction and attractive.

4. Prime Choice Auto Parts TC403324 5ft Truck Bed Tri Fold Soft Tonneau Cover

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These Tacoma bed covers have a tri-fold design which simplifies installation without the need for extra tools. Additionally, you can get it at a lower wholesale price from Prime Choice and thereby save for a rainy day. It obviously cannot be compared with the retail price when you purchase from other sellers. More so, they double check the products when they arrive at their warehouse – which occupies 100,000 square feet – to ensure that the quality is not compromised. The low price still covers the online purchases you make through Prime Choice.

The covers are as a result of tough quality stitching of a high-grade vinyl. Also, they are so durable – as well as having trouble-free performance – that they meet the standards set by the industry. The designer reinforced the corner brackets to not only increase longevity but also to add extra stability.

With these Toyota Tacoma bed covers, you can endure any condition brought by Mother Nature, including snow and heavy rains, without damaging your truck bed.

3. RAFTUDRIVE Assembly Lock Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover fit 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma

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This is a tri-fold bed cover that we would recommend if you are looking for your first (or to replace) Toyota Tacoma bed covers. It is equally important to note that it only fits a 60.3 inch (5 feet) bed length of a Toyota Tacoma. Additionally, your car should fall in the 2005-2015 models category.

The manufacturer utilized a premium quality of vinyl during production. Therefore, you can face any dirt, dust, rain or moisture. In addition to that, your pickup truck will have a smart black color.

Since its introduction into the market, customers experience effortless attaching and removal: thanks to its lightweight, robust aluminum frame. Also, the bed cover is easy to assemble since the necessary accessories and instructions come with it. You can also refer to a YouTube video for the same.

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2. RAFTUDRIVE Assembly Lock Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover fit 2005-2015

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This bed cover is similar to the one above. However, it is slightly larger than the latter since it fits a bed length of 73.5 inches (5 feet). Also, these Toyota Tacoma bed covers are only fit for 2016-2018 models.

The manufacturer utilized a premium quality of vinyl during production. Therefore, you can face any dirt, dust, rain or moisture. Also, this bed cover will give your pickup an aesthetic look due to its black color. They also used a lightweight material – a hard-wearing aluminum frame. Thus, you can repeatedly remove and attach it without much energy.

Its tri-fold design provides a safe, secure, and quick access even when handling a big load. Furthermore, no professional installation is solely recommended – you can use the available instructions and accessories. Conversely, you can access a YouTube video by searching for the procedure.

1. Leader Accessories Tri-Fold 5ft Soft UV Protect Tonneau Truck Bed Cover

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If your car bed is 6 or 8 feet, it is not advisable to buy this product. However, it fits perfectly on a 5 feet bed of a Toyota Tacoma Pickup. Installation of these Tacoma bed covers takes (one person) only or less than 20 minutes. This is because no drilling or special tools are necessary to mount them. Additionally, these Tacoma bed covers are simple to flip and open using only 3 folding flaps.

Tonneau cover has a tough material out of stabilized 24 OZ marine grade Vinyl that makes it tough. Additionally, it combines it with a reinforced aluminum frame to protect your truck bed from harsh weather. Even if there were .65” snow during winter, this cover would maintain your items dry inside the bed. Not only does it protect you from the weather but also from theft. Therefore, you can travel securely with your shopping goods, hunting tools, sports items, camping stuff, toys, and more.

Tonneau cover gives you no fuss since it has a limited lifetime warranty. However, it covers either workmanship or defects in some parts. Many people love it due to quick installation and durability. The bed cover boasts a stainless steel clamp system that cannot rust.

The benefits of using Tacoma bed covers

Saves fuel and money – Tacoma bed covers reduces your gas usage. The reason for this is conservation of the gas in the tank which ends up using less fuel than the truck would use to cover the same mirage. Similarly, a low amount of gas usage means it will cut your wallet some slack. Most of them reduce usage by 10%, 11%, and 13%.

The covers are more convenient – you can open them easily and close them when not in need. You can as well drive with the bed cover partially or fully open. Also, you will not have to remove it when you are not using.

Protection againstweather – Most of Tacoma bed covers are made with quality materials that can sustain heavy rains and snow. They are UV ray and water-resistant.

Security from theft- With this cover, you can minimize intrusion and theft of your belongings.


Tacoma bed covers are different to fit different pickups and models. Some are ideal for 6 feet, 7 feet, or 8 feet. Therefore, as we keep reminding you, ensure that you have the correct measurements for your truck bed.

All this being said, we have provided you with the best Tacoma bed covers on the market. They are all made with premium quality material and sturdy aluminum frame. They provide you with convenient access to your cargo. Their installation and removal are also easy. Therefore, you can choose the unique bi-fold cover we presented or choose from the other tri-fold covers.

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