Top 15 Best Solar Car Battery Charger Reviews in 2020


A Solar car battery charger will ensure that your battery will not drain all its power. Since a car will still use power even when it is off. A vehicle will have running applications and devices such as alarms and computers that will be draining power from your car’s battery. Power drainage from your car’s battery can limit its life. A solar car battery will ensure that no power will drain from the battery of the car; hence it will improve the battery’s life. With this device, you have assurance on the safety of your battery since they feature with diodes that will prevent reverse charging. Below are solar car batteries that the market has today.

15. MOOLSUN 12 Volt 12v Solar Battery Charger, 10W Solar Car Battery Charger, Solar Trickle Charger, Solar Panel Battery Maintainer

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This solar car battery charger will work on all types of car batteries. It is portable, and you will carry it along without needing special transport. This battery charger features PET laminated and ultra-light PVC fabric.

It is waterproof, and will also not discharge itself; the charger is highly efficient and has a 19% conversion rate. It will support a working voltage of 18 volts. This solar charger will be placed under direct sunlight hence maximizing the power input.

This solar car battery charger has a warranty of 18 months. You will use it on all kinds of 12 volts batteries, such as motorcycle batteries, automobiles, tractors, and snowmobiles.

14. SOLPERK 10W Solar Panel,12V Solar Panel Charger Kit+8A ControllerSuitable for Automotive

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Don’t let a flat battery ruin your day out. With this solar car charger, you will quickly charge your car’s battery. It will convert sunlight energy into electric energy to charge your battery. This charger will generate a constant 12 volts current.

It has an intelligent three-level charging mode. With smart chip management, this will prevent the battery from short circuit, open circuit protection, and overcharge protection. You will easily install and connect this charger.

The surface of this charger features a glass top that will be easy to clean. This charger also features highly efficient polycrystalline solar cells that make this solar charger smaller and compact compared to traditional solar chargers. Since it has an aluminum frame, this solar charger will be durable and has a one-year warranty.

13. GIARIDE Solar Battery Charger Solar Trickle Charger 7.5W 18V 12V SunPower Solar Panel

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Giaride solar car battery is the perfect solution when you want to charge the batteries of your car, snowmobile, boats, motorcycles, or tractors. This solar charger features sturdy and durable ABS plastic that makes this solar charger sturdy. It will only charge a battery when there is sunlight or during the day.

It is incredibly lightweight and portable. It features suction cups that make it easy to use in the car glass. This solar battery charger features sun power solar cells. ABS plastic makes it more durable.

Equipped with a built-in blocking diode, no reverse charging will occur; hence no current from the battery will damage your car battery. This will maintain and extend the lifetime of your car’s battery. This product has a warranty for 18 months.

12. POWOXI Solar Battery Charger Car, 3.3W 12V Solar Trickle Charger for Car Battery

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POWOXI Solar Battery Charger Car will provide charge to your battery when you need to recharge your battery arises. This product is lightweight and portable. You will carry it conveniently. It is ideal because it does not have a built-in lithium battery that usually leaks after sometimes.

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It will be easy to connect and disconnect this solar car battery charger. This device is waterproof and is great for outdoor use. Dangerous ultraviolet rays will not damage this charger even after being exposed to harmful sunlight rays all day.

This device has a diode that will prevent the current from your battery flowing back to your solar charger, hence preventing damage. This solar car battery charger will even work well in low light and cloudy days, thanks to the amorphous cells that will capture the energy.

11. POWOXI 1.8W 12V Solar Car Battery Charger Maintainer, Portable Solar Panel Trickle Charging Kit for Automotive

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A well taken care of battery will last for long hence saving you money. This solar car battery charger will ensure that your battery has not drained because power drainage can shorten the life of your battery. This battery charger will deliver up to 1.8 watts of power to your 12 volts battery.

This solar car battery is lightweight and portable. Its compact size ensures that it is easy to carry. It is water-resistant, and it also features heavy-duty plastic housing for long life.

It features a diode. This device will not reverse-charge your battery hence preventing damage to your battery. The solar charger is eco-friendly and has a 12-month warranty.

10. SUAOKI 12V Solar Car Battery Charger, 18W Trickle Solar Panel Charger, Portable

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This solar car battery charger will work well for the seasonal car. It will maintain the charge in your car battery and ensure that it will not completely drain. It has an output voltage of 18 volts and will produce 18 watts of energy.

It features a diode, your battery will not discharge, and the current will not move backward; hence will not damage your battery. Another benefit is that this battery charger is exceptionally lightweight; therefore, it is portable.

You will charge your battery through the cigarette lighter plug; you will not open the bonnet of your vehicle. This product has an 18-month warranty and customer services that are friendly.

9. SUNAPEX 12V Solar trickle Charger, Battery Charger

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When you have this device, you have the assurance your car battery will never be flat. Your car battery will charge because it uses amorphous film technology. This product will be waterproof and will resist sunlight, rain, and hailstones. It also has an indicator that will turn on when this charger generates electricity.

This product has interfaces that are all plug and play hence making this device easy to connect and use. This product will be durable and has a 12 months warranty. After the purchase of this product, you have an assurance of lifetime technical support.

This charger will charge all your 12 volts batteries, and it will be suitable for all kinds of automobiles, motorcycles, ships, and beach cars.

8. ALLPOWERS 18V 5 Watts Portable Solar Panel Solar Car Battery Charger Backup

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All powers solar car battery charger is ideal for charging your 12 volts battery. It will charge car, motorcycle, and scooters 12 volts battery. This product features durable ABS plastic that will make this battery charger.

It will be effortless to use since you will plug in this solar charger into your vehicles 12 volts lighter.  This battery charger features a mono-crystalline silicon panel that will work correctly in daylight conditions.

This solar car battery charger will be waterproof and will resist rain, sunlight, and harsh winter weather. This product also features a diode that will ensure that current from your battery will not flow back to your battery charger hence not causing damage to this device.

7. SUNER POWER 30 Watts Mono Crystalline 12V Off Grid Solar Panel Kit – Waterproof 30W Solar Panel

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This solar car battery is a 30-watt panel kit. It will be perfect and ideal for your car’s battery and other off-grid applications such as gate openers, CCTV monitors, and boats. This device will remain quiet while working.

This battery charger has an intelligent charge controller that will adequately protect the battery. This device features a photocell load control that will turn on in dusk and turn off at dawn.

With this charger, the electricity bill will reduce drastically, and it is economically friendly. No maintenance is needed. This device has overcharge protection short-circuit protection, reverse polarity, and polarity protection.

6. TP-solar 10-Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Car Battery Charger 10W 12V Portable Solar Trickle

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Pt solar car battery charger id made to ensure your battery will not drain all its power. It will top up your battery power as long as there is sunlight. Its inbuilt circuit board will prevent reverse discharge and will prevent your battery from overheating.

This solar battery charger will be mounted easily with interchangeable connectors that will make this device applicable in many areas. It is incredibly lightweight and small in size. You will easily install this solar.

This solar car battery charger will be mounted on the windshield of the car since it features suction cups. Mounting holes will easily place this solar to a location with direct will be perfect for cars, motorcycles, boats, tractors, and snowmobile batteries.

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5. SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer – Portable 8W Solar Panel Trickle

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Always ensure your battery does not drain all its power because it may never regain its full charge again. This solar car battery charger will ensure your battery will not exhaust all its power. This charger will convert light energy to electric energy that will, in turn, charge your battery.

It will be perfect for all conventional 12 volts batteries. It will fit all  4WD, cars, marine, boats, and farm types of equipment.  With a highly efficient solar panel, this panel will absorb maximum sunlight. This battery charger features an inbuilt diode to prevent reverse charging.

This device features a universal golden finger connects that is quick and easy to connect and disconnect at any time. The solar features tampered glass that will be durable and will absorb maximum sun rays.

4. ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 10 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel Backup Solar Trickle Charger

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Your car’s battery needs to be continuously changed to the maximum to prevent it from damage or from draining it to zero. This solar car battery charger will be ideal for charging your battery and preventing it from being damaged. This battery charger has an SAE connector that is plug and play, so you will not need to master the polarity of the connectors.

This solar battery charger features an inbuilt diode that will prevent reverse discharge hence not damaging the battery of your car. You will fix this power panel on your windscreen thanks to suction cups that will hold the panel firmly.

This solar car battery charger will be suitable for all kinds of battery maintenance. They include boat, car, motorcycle, lawnmower, and scooter batteries. This battery charger is lightweight and is environmentally friendly.

3. ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 5 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger Backup for Car Boat Batteries

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Have your car battery been draining too quickly, and this is troubling you, worry no more we have a solution for you. With this solar car battery, all your problems have an answer finally. This solar battery charger will prolong and improve the life of your car’s battery.

This product will be easy to use since no knowledge is required, and no installation is needed. It is eco-friendly and weatherproof. It will not rust or corrode due to extreme weather conditions. It is lightweight that makes it portable.

An inbuilt diode will prevent reverse charging hence ensuring your battery is not damaged. It will charge all 12 volts batteries for cars, scooters, motorcycles, snowmobile, and many other machines.

2. Schumacher SP-200 2.4W 12V Solar Battery Maintainer

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Schumacher SP-200 2.4W solar battery charger will ensure your battery will not be damaged when it drains power up to zero levels.  It will trickle charge your 12 V battery hence extending its life. With this solar car battery charger, no electricity is needed.

This solar battery car battery charger will even work even in cloudy conditions because it incorporates and utilizes amorphous technology.  It is weather-resistant and will not rust nor corrode due to exposure to intense sun rays.

With this battery charger, you will use this device to charge all your 12 volts batteries for your car, boat, scooter, and snow movers. This device features strong and sturdy materials that make it long-lasting.

1. SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer

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With this SunPower solar car battery, you will charge your battery from any location. It will convert light energy into electric energy and hence providing power to your battery. This device has a durable and robust solar glass that will ensure this battery charger will last for long.

You will easily install, and no maintenance will be required, you will plug it and you will be good to go. No professional knowledge is needed, and this device is economically friendly.

It features a diode, and this diode will prevent reverse discharge and will ensure there is no drain in your battery.


With such many solar car battery chargers in the market today, one will have to do a little homework on the best solar charger for you. This is because some of these chargers are suitable for batteries with voltages of 12 or 24 volts. Also, ensure you know the wattage of your battery too. Without any of the solar car battery chargers, you may end up spending a night in the cold when your car has failed to start due to a flat battery. Buy one, and you will not regret it. They are portable, environmentally safe, durable, easy to use, and finally, they are lightweight.

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