Top 11 Best Slow Rising Squishies in 2020


Stress relief and hand exercise are what everyone tries to have when you buy slow rising squishes. To live a life that is emotionally not stressful is what these squishes try to achieve. Additionally, when pressing and having exercise fun with the squishy toys they relief stress giving you a stress-free life.

To have the best results, you need to make the appropriate choice of slow rising squishies. This is because they come up in different flavored scents and colors. Choosing a flavored squishy requires you to smell it to make sure you can purchase the quality you need.

Therefore, you don’t need to suffer anymore looking at best slow rising squishies. Checkout, the discussion below that, highlights the best slow rising squishies and choose on the best to purchase.

List of Best Slow rising squishies

11. Oh So Squishy Jumbo Squishies Slow Rising Panda Squishy Toys with Gift Bag

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Free amazing hand feels from this slow rising squishes. This slow rising squishy is free of paints making sure you can touch the toy without paint colors remaining on your hands or cloth. This squishy offers you with a high-quality material meaning the squishy will last longer. This squishy is designed to relieve stress for your child when playing with it also to you as an adult. Also, this squishy toy is scented with different scents ranging from different designs offering you with the best pleasant smell to purchase on.

The squishy is designed and safe for children and adults, where a child beyond three years can use the toy. The material used to make this product is free from chemicals, bad smells, and harmful toxins. Consequently, you are guaranteed of no contamination from those chemicals when using this product. The squishy is also free from tears meaning it cannot have scratches when playing with it.

The product is designed with a smooth material which makes it feel soft on touch. The white panda with its dimensional measurements is 6.25 Inches Tall x 5.25 Inches Wide x 3.75 Inches Thick which is berry scented squishy toy.

However, this squishy product is not ideal for children below three years old.

10. BeYumi Slow Rising Squishy, Glasses Cat Squishy Toy

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BeYumi manufacturer has made this slow rising squishy for various environmental usage. This squishy can be used for different occasions that you have, for example, video props and photography, home decoration, hotel, and restaurant decoration, children toy, and also you can use it for teaching. Feel free to gift this slow rising squishy to a child because the product is super cute. Additionally, the squishy is cute for decorating your house if your house is missing some little decorations.

This squishy is made with a non-toxic material making it safe and environmental friendly when you use it. Dreaming of a clean environment is what you need when using this squishy, a product that won’t harm your body either in breathing or paints attaching themselves is what this product offers. Specifically, you don’t worry about environmental hazards that may arise from using this squishy; it is environmentally friendly and much safe.

The product is made with a material known as Polyurethane Foam designed in a super cute design. The dimensional size measurement design for this rising product is 3.4(in) * 4.2(in)* 2.4(in).

9. WATINC Random 3 Pcs Jumbo Animal Squishy Sweet Scented Vent Charms Kawaii Kid Toy

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Are you looking for a cute and soft slow rising squishy? This product manufactured by WANTIC company offers you with all you need. This slow rising squishy you can use it to relieve stress when you have emotions. Moreover, this squishy has very many usages where you can use it for example; you can buy it as a gift, you can use it as a toy, collections, teaching aids and charms for cellphones.

This product is a cream scented. The smell is pleasant making this squishy an environmentally friendly. Therefore, when you are using this product, the smell ensures you can continually touch it without the unpleasant smell.   This slow rising squishy is cute and soft meaning you can smoothly touch it with no rough touch. This product is also elastic in a way making it enjoyable to see and play with it.

The design of this slow rising squishy is made from an elastic environmentally PU. Also, this squishy has a dimensional measurement of 7.7 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches. The product is packed in a blue plastic bag.

Unfortunately, your lovely kids are likely to start them. So, watch out!

8. WATINC Random 20 pcs Squishys Cream Scented Kawaii Simulation

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Another product from Wantic company who made this slow rising squishy. This slow rising squishy has a variety of usage where you can use it as a gift, as a toy, you can use it as collections, you can use it for various decorations and also you can use it as charms for cellphones. This squishy is also a stress reliever; by this when you have different emotions that lead to stress, this product offers stress relief.

This slow rising squishy has a cute design, meaning they can beautify any place that you want to decorate. In addition to this, the squishy is very soft offering you a smooth touch when playing with it. The soft touch makes you continue playing more and more when touching the squishy. Also, the squishy has a pleasant cream smell which doesn’t affect your breathing when near or touching it.

The product is designed with a material which is made from an elastic environmentally PU foam quantity. The dimensional measurement of this product which is of size Length: 4cm-8cm Thickness: 4cm. The product is also packaged in a blue plastic bag with a Wantic logo on it.

7. Slow Rising Jumbo SQUISHIES Set Pack of 7 – Rainbow Triangle Cake

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Do you want to relieve stress and anxiety? This slow rising squishy from SYYISA offers you with this stress reduction product. The moment you have different emotions when you are either at home, at work or whether you are on the road, this product will offer an effortless and effective way to reduce your stress. Additionally, the anxiety you have can be reduced the moment you start enjoying touching this slow rising squishy.

This slow rising squishy is made with a durable material which ensures that you can live your life to the fullest. Besides, the moment you purchase this product you are assured of no near purchasing of another squishy because this product lasts longer. Also, this slow rising squishy you can use it as a perfect gift for your children and even adult friends. This product is super soft making touch very smooth and lets you continue yearning to squeeze and feel the softness of it.

This squishy is made from a material known as Velvety-soft, sturdy and non-toxic PU foam which makes the product soft and durable.  It weighs 6.4 ounces with a dimensional measurement of 9.2 x 8.9 x 2.4 inches.

6. WATINC Kawaii Jumbo 3pcs Hamburger&Popcorn Set Squishy Sweet Scented

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A quantity of three pieces of slow rising squishy from WATINC Kawaii Jumbo. The slow rising squishy offers you with a sweet scent which leaves your child eager to play with the hand toy. The squishy is cute, and this makes them more pleasing to hold and touch, the different design colors make them look more appealing to squeeze them. Also, you can use this product and purchase it for your kid and adults too.

This slow rising squishies, you can use them as stress relief toy. By this, it means when you have different emotions which may lead to stress, the toy can relief you by squeezing and feel the soft touch. The squishy has several usages which you may opt to use it for. For example, you can use it as a toy, a gift; you can use it for collections, decoration purposes, charms for cellphones and finally as a stress reliever.

The squishy is made from elastic environmentally PU foam which is durable and soft. The material is also cream scented making it have a pleasant smell when using this product. This product weighs 5.6 ounces and has a dimensional measurement of 6.4 x 6.2 x 2.7 inches.

5. Felix and Wise Puppy Dog Soft Creamy Scented Squishy Kawaii

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With love for dogs, this slow rising squishy is designed with a puppy dog toy style.  It is for use by children and also fun use by adults too. This product acts stress reliever and emotional expression which aid at controlling the stress when you have different emotions. This squishy is of help if you have a child who has Autism or Fidget Issues. Also, this squishy is also helpful to you for your hand exercise giving strength to hand joints.

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This squishy is lightweight meaning it’s portable. It doesn’t have heavy metals making it easier for your child to lift and have fun with it. Also, the product is non-toxic meaning its environmentally friendly and non-hazardous when using the toy. The squishy has a cream scent making it pleasant for you to be near it and have fun which consequently removes stress. The squishy toy can also be used as a party toy and for decoration purposes. The toy is designed with dimensional measurement of 4.7 x 1.5 x 4.7 inches which makes the product weigh 2.4 ounces.

Unfortunately, the squishy smell like food and should be kept away from small children.

4. BUDI 30 Pcs Kawaii Squishies Slow Rising Jumbo/Medium/Mini Random Cake Bread

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Perfect play for kids with this slow rising squishes. This slow rising squishies have different sponge simulation food toy sets. Also, the toys have a pleasant soft touch with different scents ranging from bread smell to cake flavors which you will like when having fun with it. This squishies when you squish it, it slowly raises back to its original form/shape at various speeds.

When you are having anger and anxiety, this squishy at squishing and pressing reduces the stress and fatigue. The squishies come in various 3D design and shapes for example; toast, cake, cookies, bread, and donuts. Also, the squishies are durable meaning you can safely use them for a long period without them tearing. You can proudly use the squishes at Thanksgiving, birthday party and pretending play.

The design of the squishies is made from a material which is elastic friendly PU Foam making it wear resistant. The size of this squishies hasa measurement of Length: 4cm-10cm, Thickness: 2cm-4cm.

However, some people don’t like the smell of the bread which may be unpleasant to use the squishies.

3. AOLIGE Jumbo Cute Panda Kawaii Cream Scented Squishies

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Thanks to the panda design of this slow rising squishy. This slow increasing squishy has a panda model which you will like when pressing and exercising. The moment you are having stress and anxiety this squishy will act as a stress reliever. Also, the toy ensures you have an increased and proper blood circulation of your hands and as a rehabilitation exercise. This squishy has several usages where you can use it as gifts, interior decoration, festival items and children party, Christmas gifts and children’s kitchen food toys.

The design of this product is made from a polyurethane foam material which is safe and non-polluting making it environment-friendly. It weighs 210g making it very portable to carry and move it from one place to another. The product size measures 14cmX17cmX13cm/5.6″ x6.7″ x5.2″.

2. Jumbo Squishies Slow Rising Strawberry Peach Banana Lemon Watermelon Pineapple Charms Fruit Squishies

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The variety of sweet fruit smell by this slow rising squishies will leave you to have them near you. This slow rising squishies comprise of Jumbo lemon, peach, banana, strawberry, watermelon and pineapple squishies with fantastic texture. Also, the squishies can be used as gifts, as a toy, birthday gifts, display samples, interior decorations, teaching aids, hand pillow, and finger rehabilitation training.

The product is made with Polyurethane foam which is soft and non-toxic making it environmentally friendly. The different squishies packages have dimensional measurements as listed; 1 x 4.3″ yellow Lemon, 1 x 7″ red Watermelon, 1 x 5″ yellow Pineapple, 1 x 4″ pink Peach, 1 x 4.7″ red Strawberry
,1 x 7″ yellow Banana.

1. WATINC Random 30 pcs Squishies Cream Scented Kawaii

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Also on our list of slow rising squishies, we have this product from WATINC company. The slow rising squishy is medium mini soft food squishy which you can use it and also your child can have fun with. The squishy have a cream scent which is pleasing to have fun with this slow rising squishy. The squishy can be used as a toy, gifts, collections; you can use it for decorations, charms for cellphones and teaching aid. Also, this squishies you can use it as a stress relief toys regulating your emotions.

The manufacturer used a material that is elastic environmentally PU foam.  The size of the squishies goes to measurement Medium-Size: Length: 4cm-8cm Thickness: 4cm. Also, it is packaged with random thirty pieces of squishy toys.

Unfortunately, this product is not washable.

The benefits of slow rising squishies

  • Relief stress– when one has stress with emotions these slow rising squishies can relief you when fun in exercising.
  • Occasions decorations– these slow rising squishes are very cute to decorate different occasions making it colorful.
  • Helps child suffering from Autism or Fidget Issues– the squishies are important to child growth and remembrance issues.


As discussed the slow rising squishies are flavored with different smells which may be pleasant for use when pressing. They come with different varieties which offer to choose from a variety to which you are like. Moreover, the squishies require parents to be cautious when the children under the age of 3 years are using them to avoid accidental swallowing. When purchasing you can choose on pocket-friendly squishy that is affordable because they are offered at different costs.

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