Top 15 Best Shower Chairs Reviews in 2020


Shower chair will ensure that despite your age or physical state, you will still be able to have confidence while in that shower room. But imagine your loved one not taking a shower simply because they are afraid that they may accidentally slip in the shower room. Shower chairs have a design to offer much-needed support, security and facilitate mobility when showering to people who may be having challenges while taking a shower. Manufacturers are keen on how they are manufacturing these seats since it would be regrettable loosing a loved one simply because they accidentally slipped in a showroom while taking a shower. Buying such a gift to an aged citizen, people with spinal injuries, pregnant women, people who have arthritis will help boost their confidence and assure them of their security while taking a bath.

List of 15 Best Shower chairs to buy

15. Health Line Shower Chair Bath Seat Bench with Removable Back &Arms, Tool-Free Assembly

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If you are experiencing difficulties when taking a shower, this is the ideal shower chair for you. It will provide safety and comfort for patients who have spinal cord problems. People with mobility problems also can use this shower chair. This chair’s seat is large enough with a large enough. Padded armrest and a detachable backrest. These features make this chair easy to store and transport.

This shower has a heavy-duty aluminum frame, which makes it robust, durable, and free from rust. It is easily assembled and assembling it will take a few minutes. This shower chair can be an ideal gift for the expectant women, senior citizens, disabled and disabled. This seat also features rubbers which are for non-skid and non-slip.

14. with Storage Shelf Bamboo Bath Shower Stool Bench, Spa Bath Bench Seat

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this shower chair has some economically friendly bamboo materials. These materials make it look simple but elegant. It is suitable for use in the bathroom or living room. It occupies less space, and no installation is required. This shower chair contains no harmful materials.

This shower chair has a storage shelf, which you will keep your spa accessories such as sunbath lotion sunglasses and others when you are out to a sauna. The stool is convenient and light to carry on. It has an elegant and beautiful finish, which can be a perfect gift for your loved one.

13. ETECHMART 12″ Eco-Friendly Wooden Shower Chair Bamboo Folding Stool for Leg Shaving Spa Foot Rest. 

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This bamboo shower chair is a piece of decorative art. It has a compact and folding design, which makes it easy to carry it to your shower room. Bamboo structures are sturdy and durable. These bamboo structures This shower stool can also be a decent and presentable gift to the elderly and toddlers too.

Having this shower chair is good since it has high-grade bamboo, which has a finish, which is of natural resin. It also has eco-friendly varnish which is mold-proof. The seat has carbonate, which gives it a mothproof effect. Chairs like this one made of bamboo which absorbs ultraviolet lights and also bamboo absorbs excess heat

12. Dr. Maya Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair with Back – Free Suction Assist Grab Bar

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This bath seat is wide enough, and it features padded arm handles, drainage holes, and anti-slip rubbers, which offer more comfort. It will comfortably fit even in small tubs. It features a height feature which will let you adjust it according to your height. This bath seat is stable and comfortable.

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The seat is heavy and secure, and it won’t wobble due to weight and can comfortably hold up to 300 pounds of weight. Materials used to make this seat are free from rust and won’t corrode. The chair will be of use in many areas. It has anti-slip rubber feet’s which ensures it will not slide. Another advantage is that this shower chair is designed for security, comfort, and is very easy to use.

11. Medokare Shower Stool with Padded Seat – Shower Seat for Seniors with Tote Bag and Handles

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This seat will suit the senior citizens and people who experience difficulties when they stand for long or those who will experience back pains when they bend. It features a padded seat. The seat will help reduce the stress associated with fear of falling while in the shower room. When you buy this seat, efficiency and safety are always guaranteed.

The seat is toll-free and is ready to use. Storing will be easy, and also transporting it will not be a nightmare. This seat is quick to assemble, and assembly instruction is straightforward to follow and understand. Its legs are easily adjustable since it has push buttons that properly fit. Non-slip rubbers are mounted on this seat to ensure the seat will not slip. Durable materials have been to construct this bath seat, which will ensure it won’t corrode nor rust.

10. Carex Bath Seat And Shower Chair With Back For Seniors, Elderly, Disabled, Handicap, and Injured Persons Supports Up To 400lbs.

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If you have balance, stability, or mobility issues that affect the elderly, injured, expectant mothers, this will be a perfect choice for you. This seat design and craft are from sturdy plastic, which ensures that it will not rust nor corrode due to exposure to water. Drainage holes will ensure this seat is dry at all times. You will quickly disassemble this seat for transportation and assemble it back very quickly.

This seat features an innovative design. With adjustable legs, you can easily customize this chair according to the desired height. This seat has a notch in which you can place your shower spray. The seat will support the weight of up to 400 lbs. The seat is easy to assemble. It will easily fit into any tub or shower. You will quickly assemble this chair since no assembly tools are required.

9. Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair Made of Heavy-Duty 

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This chair emphasizes the safety of your loved one during shower time. The chair is easy to install and assemble since it has detailed quick guides. It will not require any permanent hardware. The seat has configurations that will allow you to install on either the left or right side. With this bath seat, you will easily make transfers from wheelchairs or walkers to the shower room.

This sliding bath transfer bench is used by the elderly or the disabled and features security mechanism such as a safety belt which will ensure your loved ones does not fall off during transfers from a wheelchair to the bathroom. A nylon strap included will lock the bath seat in position during shower time.

8. NOVA Shower & Bath Chair with Back & Arms & Hygienic Design

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When traveling, you will not leave behind your loved one because they are too old or cannot walk properly. This seat is excellent for travel and will offer comfort to your loved one. It is also ideal for use in the bathroom. The chair has padded arms which will aid during getting on and off this seat. The back of the chair will provide much-needed support for comfort and safety.

This chair has a design from molded plastic. As a result, it won’t rust and it is sturdy enough to last for many years. Rubber tips at the base of its legs will ensure this bath seat will not slide during bath time. Drainage holes will ensure this seat is dry at all times. Assembly of this bath seat will take you few minutes since no tools are required to put this seat together. It features a hygienic design that aids during cleaning.

7. Carex Tub Transfer Bench – Shower Chair Transfer Bench with Height Adjustable Legs  


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This shower chair will support a weight of up to 300 lb since it has a construction of sturdy materials.  It can easily extend into an extended seat platform that will aid during the transfer from and into the bathroom. The backrest and the seat have a textured surface that does not slip. Drainage holes will ensure that this bath seat will not flood with tube water.

The seat will not require any tool during assembly and will quickly and conveniently adjust between 16 inches to twenty inches. The legs are easily adjustable to your desired heights. The legs feature anti-slip rubbers for safety and security. It will be used by people who have arthritis, backaches, the elderly, and people with spinal injuries.

6. Medokare Shower Chair with Rails – Shower Seat with Arms for Seniors with Tote Bag and Handles

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Medokare Shower Chair with Rails has a tote bag as a gift. This shower chair has padded bath seats with a back that will easily detach for easy cleaning. This chair has anti-slip rubbers with drainage holes. Assembling this seat will take you few minutes since no assembly tools are required.

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The seat is lightweight and durable since it is made from heavy-duty aluminum frames and can hold a weight of up to 280lbs. The shower chair will easily fit in even small tubs and chairs. It will offer maximum stability since it has non-slip rubbers at the bottom of the shower’s chair legs.

5. Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench with Arms and Back, With Back

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For people who don’t have the confidence to take a shower on their own due to fear, this is the best shower chair for them. Its seat is large and textured and will easily adjust from 16 inches to twenty inches. It features removable arms that will provide comfort and safety during seating time and also during bath time. It can support the weight of up to 300 pounds thanks to its sturdy frame.

The shower chair aluminum is anodized to prevent this chair from rusting. The bath’s chair height will easily adjust up to the preferred height for safety. The chair’s arm will make it easier for one to get up or sit on this chair; the vertical design of its arms creates a more stable environment.

4. Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair Top Rated Shower Bench

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Everyone will deserve a comfortable and an enjoyable shower despite their age, this Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair will make sure that even though you may be having some back problems, arthritis or some spinal injuries, you are not going to struggle in the bathroom. The chair is very light and stable and will support the weight of up to 250lbs. You will adjust its height very easily to suit your height.

No tools will be required while assembling this shower chair; hence it will be effortless and will take minimal time to join it. Your safety and comfort are a  guarantee since the legs of this chair feature non-slip rubber, which will ensure your chair will not move during shower time. The materials used in constructing this chair are robust and are waterproof and free from rust.

3. Carex Universal Bath Seat and Shower Chair – With Support Up To 400 Pounds

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Carex shower chair has an ergonomic design that guarantees your safety and comfort when showering, especially for those people who have mobility issues such as the senior citizens. The chair is stable and will support a weight capacity of 400lb. The smooth edge notches on this shower chair will provide you with the convenient placement of a handheld shower.

Its height will adjust within a range of 16-21 inches. This chair will be convenient for you since it will generally fit on any tub or shower. Drainage holes will ensure your seat does not get logged in polls of water. The shower seat will also easily fit in shower stalls with ease.

2. shower Chair – Anti Slip for Safety, with 8 Adjustable Heights Potable 

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This shower chair is for adults and is very safe and secure. It will adjust up to 8 levels from 13’’ to 19’’ to accommodate the size of the user. When you purchase this product, a bonus of a bath sponge scrubber will include in this package for free. It will support a maximum weight of up to 350lbs. Assembling this shower chair will be effortless since no assembly tool will be required.

Fitted with strong suction cups, you have a guarantee that this chair will hold into place without making any movement at all. The chair’s aluminum legs will ensure that it will not rust. It has an extensive and comfortable seating area, which is of high density and anti-bacterial.

1. Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Shower Tub Bench Chair with Back, Grey

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Elderly citizens will be afraid to take a shower since they may fall in the shower room, but with this shower chair, their safety and comfort are a guarantee. The shower chair is robust, dependable, and durable and has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. Its large and flat top and a backrest will guarantee safety and comfort during shower time.

The aluminum frame on this chair will make it free from rust, and strong suction cups ensure that the seat is locked well on the floor, and there will be no movement while taking a bath. You will assemble this seat on your own without requiring any tool nor assistance.


As discussed above, nothing should limit a human from taking a shower. But you will not just pop in in a medical equipment seller and blindly pick a shower chair out of nowhere. You need to consider several factors. For example, how heavy is the person who is going to use this shower chair since different chairs will support different weights? Is your chair height adjustable since everyone is not of the same height? How secure is your loved one on that chair? Aged people will be afraid, and some manufacturers have developed shower chairs with safety belts to hold them in place. Always ensure you get the right product.

The discussed product for sure is the best and will give you value for your money, and you will never regret purchasing any of our reviewed items. Ensure you get an ideal shower chair to avoid being embarrassed by taking home a substandard product and also to accidents in your shower room.

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