Top 15 Best Outdoor Laser Lights in 2020 Reviews


Traditional forms of decoration, such as string lights, can be a nightmare to put up. They require a lot of time to put up and pull down, effort in climbing all over the walls, and they easily go off. But with laser lights, all you have to do is get the package of your choice, connect the few parts, plug to a power source and play. In a few seconds, you watch your location’s outside or interior transform with bright colored light and patterns of your dream. Consider going for a product that features themes that you can use all year round for different holidays and events. You just have to ensure that it is of good quality and worth the money. When going for outdoor laser lights, ensure they are made of waterproof material that can survive extreme weather conditions such as snow. Also, go for a product that offers a wide coverage on the surface. With this list, you will be able to select the perfect decoration tool for your party.

List of Our Top 15 Best Outdoor Laser Lights

15. Christmas Projector Lights, UNIFUN 16 Patterns LED Projector Lights

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Create a joyful atmosphere for parties and entertainment with Unifun 16 Replaceable Pattern Slides with red and blue laser all year round. It is the 2020 newest version.

Made of ABS plastic, best light casing, and power adapter. It also has a built-in timer function. The projector light automatically turns off after 6 hours using and turn on again after 18 hours.

With one remote control, you get to choose a single red or blue star show, star show & pattern, or any other single pattern freely. With up to 16PCS Switchable Slides, the LED projector light has thousands of dots displaying with pictures. Among them are ghosts, skulls and pumpkin, snowman, Christmas tree, snowflake, stars, and much more. The laser is ideal for Halloween, birthday parties, dance parties, Christmas, banquet, home garden, and any other indoor or outdoor parties and entertainment. It is water-resistant and ideal for all weather conditions.

14. Christmas LED Projector Lights, LUXONIC 16 Slides Waterproof Outdoor Water Wave 

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Create a unique festival atmosphere all year round when you decorate and light up your home for every event such as parties, Christmas, Halloween, festivals, and make your life more colorful.

This light show projector is equipped with a ground underpinning and a stand. It comes with 16 slide patterns, which are widely used on various occasions. It is highly waterproof.

LUXONIC LED projection lamp can be used outdoors by inserting the ground underpinning in the garden ground. It can also be used indoor by standing it on the floors. This night light projector is equipped with a multifunctional remote control to allow you to choose different modes, changing speeds, and timing function. It has two projection lenses, water wave, and slide projector lamp which you can light up together or separately. It has 16 Switchable Slides to choose from, be it Christmas tree, Halloween ghosts, pumpkin, Easter egg, birthday cake, loving heart, or any other theme you would like to use for a particular occasion.

13. Christmas Lights Projector Laser Light Xmas Spotlight Projectors Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Spotlights

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Thinking about creating a magical sparkling effect? These outdoor laser lights will make that possible without the hassle of string lights. After all, take hours to set up. Use Dynamic Laser Lights, which has three light modes: moving green lights, green & red mixed lights, and cyclic green, red, mixed light.

Auxiwa Laser Light features a wireless remote control that allows you to switch all patterns, turn on/off, and set a timer from anywhere in/around the house. The laser lights cover up to 600 square feet surface.

It is an easy installation and quick start pack. You just need to plug and play, then watch your garden be instantly saturated in gorgeous green & red lights. It allows you to switch all patterns and set the timer via the wireless remote control. Theseoutdoor laser lights are ideal for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, and any other celebratory occasion. It is not to be used with dimmers.

12. Party Lights, RGB 3 Lens DJ Disco Stage Laser Light Sound Activated Led Projector

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Take entertainment to another level by upgrading to Chinly Party Lights. Create a more wonderful atmosphere using a 6-color background to get a multi-effect combination.

It features high-quality aluminum alloy housing fixed by screws on round bottom hence easy to install. It is auto/sound-activated, meaning the red and green light with background light could shine or flash to the beat of the music. It can cover an area of 299sq.ft-323square feet at the height of 3m.

It is perfect for disco, ballrooms, hotels, skating rink, public square, family gatherings, bars, KTV, party, concert, and festivals like Halloween and Christmas. It has three beam combinations (red, green, red & green) and six color backgrounds (red, green, blue, red & green, red & blue, blue & green), giving you a colorful atmosphere. Not to be used in a water environment for a long time when using it outdoor.

11. Moving BLUE, GREEN, RED – Color Laser Landscape Projector Light

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Make your house the most vibrant and best decorated using the best, robust, and durable laser light for any celebratory occasion.

The outdoor laser lights have a 5000 square feet coverage of static red, green and blue star shower laser lights. It features a multi-functional remote control and a built-in programmable timer that turns itself off automatically.

The ideal for both outdoor and indoor events as it covers a vast area. It has three built-in lasers (green, red, blue), which you can use together or individually. Weatherproof professional grade aluminum alloy housing is weather-resistant & built to last. It is also easy to set up and install.

10. ALOVECO Christmas Snowflake Projector Lights, Upgrade Rotating LED Snowfall Projection Lamp with Remote Control

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This easy and fast to install and use laser lights is the perfect remedy when decorating your house starts to feel like a chore.

It features a high-quality LED chip that projects high brightness light. Includes a wireless remote controller that allows you to control the projector’s function from a 10m distance. Comes with 7m/23ft cord for easy reach to most outside home outlets from where you set it up.

ALOVECO LED Christmas projector light shows the snowflake, snowfall & small snowflake with a wide projection. The remote control has a memory function hence no need to repeat settings. It is waterproof IP65 and survives even the harshest of weather situations, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage. It does not come with its own batteries, purchased separately.

9. Water Wave Lights Laser Projector – KOOT Outdoor Waterproof LED Ripple Garden Lights RGBW 10 Colors Water Effect

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KOOT Outdoor Waterproof LED Ripple Garden Lights is perfect for giving your homestead into a beautiful, colorful effect during Christmas, Halloween, pool party, and any other celebration.

Its water-ripple effect can cover up to 500sq.ft from a distance of 22 feet. Made of high-quality materials in a waterproof design, you no longer have to be afraid of rainy days.

This can be a perfect gift for your kids or friends as it is small and delicate water light and easy to carry. The outdoor laser lights have preset effects on the remote and three different modes (jump, auto, flash). They are also suitable for any space, recreating the splendid natural beauty of the ocean. They can be used in the bedrooms, living rooms, or outdoor.

8. Premium Christmas Outdoor Waterproof Laser Projector Light- Moving RGB 20 Patterns

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Amaze your neighbors and friends by decorating your home with these colorful and multi-patterned outdoor laser lights. It has 20 different patterns that provide great lighting for any holiday decoration, evening parties, or year-round landscape lighting.

It features a durable PC body that is cold resistant and resistant to breaking. Cord length is 3ft. Waterproof. The laser light and power adapter have got the certificate of FDA, UL, and FCC.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, can be used for ceilings, dining rooms, or home theaters can withstand almost every weather (-15). Features 20 laser patterns, seven colors (single red, single green, single blue, red green, red, blue, green-blue, red, green blue), and has a three-speed control.

7. Party Lights, DJ Disco Stage Lights Sbolight Led Projector Karaoke Strobe Perform

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Transform your space instantly by using Spooboola party lights laser. With it, you can create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere or bring out a party mood at your place of entertainment.

It adopts high-quality aluminum alloy housing with a built-in fan for better heat dissipation. You can use a manual or remote-control system to control the behavior of the lights. The outdoor laser lights cover an area of 269 square feet – 323 square feet at the height of 3m.

It has a round bottom and screw fixed way to ensure easy installation. They feature three working modes: auto, flash, and sound-activated. It also has changeable colors varying from red to green and also the mixing R&G, allowing you to choose between single color mode and mixing mode. One can also control the speed of the lights either manually or by remote control. Ideal for disco, ballrooms, hotels, skating rink, bar, KTV and other places of entertainment. It is not suitable for outdoors as it is not waterproof.

6. Starry Laser Lights Landscape Projector Lights Outdoor Waterproof Laser Lamp

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Create a colorful atmosphere outside or inside your house by using Starry Laser Lights for decoration.

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Starry Laser Lights is waterproof hence ideal for outdoor decoration. The outdoor laser lights can cover up to 6700square feet from a distance of 25ft. They feature an indoor base and outdoor plug.

This is the fastest Christmas or party lighting solution as it is easy to set up. It is an energy saver because they turn on/off automatically depending on the light intensity, hence costs less energy than regular string lights. It is perfect for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, etc. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

5. Motion Pattern Firefly 3 models in 1 Continuous 18 Pattern LEDMALL RGB Outdoor Laser Garden

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LEDMALL RGB Outdoor laser light is an ideal go-for because it features themes that can be used during different parties and festivities all year round.

It features three themes with 18 moving holiday patterns depending on your choice. Included is a security kit with an indoor base stage and outdoor skate extension. It has a Waterproof IP 67 all deluxe metal housing case with 25 feet long power cord with excellent range flexibility.

It has a timer setting for 2, 4, 6- and 8-hours duration. Features memory settings on themes; hence you don’t have to keep presetting whenever you use it.  Ideal for regular events, Halloween, Christmas and any other party you plan on holding. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It gives your party an increased brightness, ensuring a wide coverage.

4. COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights, Star Laser Projector Light Show

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Forget about regular Christmas lights for the holidays and upgrade to this laser projection light, which ensures your house is the most vibrant and best decorated on the block.

The outdoor laser lights are waterproof IP65, meaning it can be put into the water all day long compared to IP65 products, which can only withstand spray water. It is a class IIIA laser product with a 3.0mW power output for indoors and outdoors. It has a 5000 square feet coverage at a distance of 33 feet away.

COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights is convenient and straightforward to set by simply placing the waterproof laser light outside and watch stars project onto your house. It is a 99% energy saver because it turns on automatically at dusk and turns off 6 hours later.  It features a built-in light sensor that turns off in daylight and on when darkness falls.  It features red & green colors.

3. Laser Christmas Lights, Brightown Decorative Light Projector 8 Green Patterns

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Upgrade your holiday and festive decoration to this high-end and durable, easy to install laser lights to give your celebration a colorful look.

It features upgraded laser components, which make the projection angle larger, the pattern displays clearer, and the decoration effect better. The material is high-quality ABS plastic & aluminum alloy material. It is designed with an IP44 waterproof rating that is suitable for rain & snow weather.

The outdoor laser lights are available in 20 white patterns. They are suitable for Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, family gatherings, wedding celebrations, bar disco, etc. The product is durable, eco-friendly, and safe. It is easy to install and use, both indoor and outdoor.

2. Christmas Lights Projector Laser Light Xmas Spotlight Projectors

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Create a magical sparkling effect for your holiday celebrations without the hassle of string lights that take hours to set up and take down.

Auxiwa Christmas Lights Projector Laser features red and green lights that cover up to 600 square feet surface. It also features a wireless remote control and timer function, which ensures you switch all patterns according to your mood. The timer is set by pressing 1h-6h on the controller.

These outdoor laser lights are easy to install, comes with ground stake for easy positioning. It’s perfect for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, etc. Weather-resistant; IP65 Waterproof (-26 to 32 degrees Celsius).

1. Motion 8 Patterns in 1 LEDMALL RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas Lights

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Plug, play and enjoy watching your all year long events get a new celebratory look without the hassle of mounting string lights.

Features RF remote control, 30-50 feet long with a huge coverage of 3000-4000 sqft. The metal case which is waterproof, highly durable and can be used for years.

Expect many colors, including red, green, blue, all combination with push buttons. Suitable for all year long come in 8 patterns in 1 for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, events, and parties. A timer setting for different settings at 2, 4, 6, 8 hours, automatically turn on in 24 hours. It comes with an indoor base and outdoor stake and a 1-year warranty.


There you have it. A selection of the best quality laser lights from a variety of them in the market that will see you transform your party or celebration from just ordinary to an extraordinary magical sight to behold. All you have to do is a plug, play, and watch the environs transform with color and shapes of your dream. You will have your party become the talk of the town in no time.

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