Top 15 Best Motorcycle Wheel Lock Reviews in 2020


Motorcycles wheel will ensure that your bike is safe from theft or vandalism. Motorcycles theft rate is high in the majority of cities around the world. It will be devastating to park your motorbike somewhere, and upon return, you find your bike missing or vandalized. But engineers have designed a motorcycle wheel lock that will keep your bike safe. A wheel lock will lock the wheel of your motorcycle so that it will not move. You will need a motorcycle wheel lock, and you will park your bike anywhere without having to worry about the safety of your motorbike. They come with distinct features and colors.

15. Trimax T665LY Hardened Metal Disc Lock – Yellow 10mm Pin (Long Throat) with Pouch & Reminder Cable

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when you lock your motorcycle with this lock, you will have the assurance that the security of your motorcycle will not be compromised. This motorcycles wheel lock features rugged disc locks that will harden to resist cuts from saws and chisel.  This wheel lock also features a free carrying pouch where you will put your lock while not in use.

This motorcycles wheel lock will also feature an easy to push button lock that makes this lock very easy to lock. Another exciting feature is that this lock features a highly secure core that will not drill.

This lock also has a 10mm pin long throat and a reminder cable that will always make sure that you will not forget to lock your bike. This wheel lock also has an extra mini flashlight key for three keys.

14. AGPTEK Alarm Disc Lock, Anti-theft Waterproof Steel Brake Disk Wheel Security Lock 110db 6mm Pin

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Agptek wheel locks will not only provide a locking solution to your motorcycle but can also be used to lock bicycles, scooters, chopper, and electric mopeds. This lock features an easy to lock disk mechanism. You will press the push button until you hear some sound.

You will easily open this wheel lock, and it will take just 5 seconds to open. This lock features aluminum alloy that will render it durable and waterproof. This lock will also withstand snow and will not rust or discolor.

Another feature is that this wheel lock has a loud alarm that will scare thieves away. This lock will protect your motorcycle while both indoors and outdoors. This lock comes with a carrying bag that you will use to store your motorcycle wheel lock while not in use.

13. LIHAO Motorcycle Disc Lock, Anti-theft Waterproof Disc Brake Alarm Lock for Motorbike Scooter

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This motorcycle wheel lock will be a solution to safely locking your motorbike. It has a powerful 110-decibel alarm that will scare away thieves, and the alarm will go off when this alarm senses some movement or vibration.

The lock will feature hardened steel that provides top security. This lock has a stapler style disk lock that will immobilize your motorcycle and prevent roll away or ride away theft to occur. This motorcycle wheel lock is durable since it has strong and sturdy materials.

Another good thing about this lock is that it is compact and lightweight. You will easily carry it around in your bag. With a self-alarming mechanism, this lock will automatically stop the alarm within 15 minutes when the attack stops.

12. Uolor Alarm Disc Lock, Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

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Uolor motorcycle wheel lock will help keep intruders and thieves away from your motorcycle. This lock features high-quality steel that makes it durable. It is also waterproof, rustproof, and dust resistant. The lock will withstand all weather conditions, and it will not discolor as times go.

With a 110dB alarm, no thieve will come near your bike when the alarm goes off. The alarm will automatically go off when the lock detects some vibration on the bike’s wheel. This motorcycle lock will lock your motorcycle, scooter, and electro mobiles.

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You will easily lock your bike with a one-press operation. You will push the button once until a beep sound is heard that alerts you that the alarm is active.  When you buy this lock, you will get a disc lock reminder cable to remind you to remove the disc lock.

11. Omotor Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock with 110db Alarm Sound for Motorcycles Bicycles

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with this motorcycle wheel lock, your bike will be safe no matter where you have parked it. This lock features a red brake disc alarm that, together with an orange reminder cable, will be enough to alert an intruder that your bike is locked and alarmed.

Fitted with a 100dB alarm, this alarm will set off one. It detects shock and movement, and the noise made by the alarm will be loud enough to scare away a potential intruder or thief. This motorcycle wheel lock is very durable and will withstand all weathers, and it will not rust.

You will easily lock this lock by pressing the locking mechanism. It will automatically close itself once the lock is in alarm mode. The lock comes with two keys and is ideal for motorcycles, bicycles and scooters.

10. JACOOL Disc Brake Lock, 110dB Anti-theft Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock for 6mm Lock Pin

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When someone touches your bike, this wheel disk motorcycle wheel lock will emit three loud and long beeps that will scare away thieves. The alarm is loud enough and no thieve will withstand the 110dB sound emitted by this alarm.

This lock will feature an alloy aluminum body that will last for long. It has a coating that will ensure this lock is free from dust dirt and moisture. This lock also features a reminder cable.

This lock will easily lock, you will place the lock on the disc brake correctly and press it and it will close. It will fit in the majority of the motorcycles and bicycles with disc brakes.

9. FUBOZONE Heavy Duty Bike Chain Locks, Bicycle Disc Locks, Scooter Motorcycle Cable Locks

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Fubozone motorcycle wheel lock will provide the maximum security needed to lock your bike to keep it safe from thieves. This chain features high quality and sturdy manganese steel that will make it strong and durable. It will resist cutting using a saw.

This motorcycle wheel lock has an optimal length and thickness. The lock cylinder is waterproof and dustproof. It also has some unique features that will make this lock more safe and secure.

When you purchase this product, and you are not satisfied with it, you are guaranteed to have your money back. This lock has a wide area of application; you will lock your bike, sports equipment, garage equipment, toolboxes, and handcarts. This lock also has a bag pack that you will use to store this lock while not in use.

8. Xena XX6 Bluetooth Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

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you will conveniently control this lock using your smartphone. It features a strong and sturdy stainless-steel body that makes cutting or piercing impossible. The lock has built-in Bluetooth smart features.

This motorcycles wheel lock has both shock and movement sensors that will set the alarm off when some movement is detected on your motorcycle.  It features a 120dB alarm, and this alarm will keep away thieves due to its loud alarm.

It will not corrode and is weatherproof. It is easy to lock; you will push a button and the lock will lock the wheel automatically. You can also download this lock application from either google or play store or Apple store.

7. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

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This kryptonite yellow disc lock features a high disc cylinder that is dual reinforced for maximum protection and maximum security. This lock will automatically immobilize your motorcycle so it will not roll. It comes with two stainless keys.

It features a 5 mm pin diameter that will make it fit even into smaller vent holes. This lock features an ergonomic design that gives this lock more strength. This lock is compact hence making it easy to carry.

The lock is weatherproof and will not rust or discolor even when exposed to direct sunlight or rain. It comes with a variety of colors that you will choose amongst.

6. Motorcycle Lock BEST Quality Heavy Duty Helps Stop Theft Motorcycles Mopeds Scooters ATVs Street Bike

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This is a heavy-duty motorcycle l lock that will offer your bike maximum protection from theft. It features high quality and yet light CNC aluminum that has been tested and proven to be extra strong.

It will work properly with a storage cover that will ensure that your motorbike has protection to the maximum level. The motorcycles lock is easy and safe to use. You will lock around the handlebar and secure the lock by pulling it at the front brake lever.

You will use this lock to lock your scooter, motorbike, and electric scooters securely. This lock is ideal for all motorcycle models such as Kawasaki, Honda Suzuki and many more.

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5. Bibowa Disc Brake Lock with Alarm – Anti -Theft Disc Lock Motorcycle Alarm with 110dB Alarm Sound 5ft Reminder Cable

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With this durable and solid Bibowa motorcycle wheel lock, the safety of your motorcycle will not be in doubt  Fitted with a visible reminder handlebar cable, and you will always know your lock is on.

The locks alarm will go off when someone touches your bike. The loud alarm will go off immediately when it is even scratched. It will take approximately 3- 5 seconds to open this lock. When the keys don’t match, it will set off the alarm.

The package will include a bag pack, three keys, zinc batteries, and an orange reminder handlebar cable.  This lock is suitable for many bike models.

4. USHAKE Bicycles U Lock, Heavy Duty Bike Scooter Motorcycles Combination Lock Combo Gate Lock for Anti-Theft

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This lock will use a combination of five numbers, so you will not need to remember carrying keys. Your bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter will be secure without having the hassles of carrying keys around. It features a sturdy 14mm hardened zinc alloy that will resist both cutters and hammer attacks.

It also features a 4mm PVC color coating that will offer protection to the lock from any scratching. This lock has a wide area of application, and you will comfortably lock your gate, motorbike, bicycle or even use it to secure your traveling bag.

It is a plastic-covered cylinder that will help avoid dust and dirt particles. This lock is extremely light and will be stored in your bag pack while not in use.

3. MYSBIKER Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock, Anti-Theft Motorcycle Wheel Padlock 

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Mysbiker motorcycle alarm disc brake lock features an alloy aluminum body that makes it very strong and will offer protection against moisture. This lock is also weatherproof and will withstand all the weather conditions such as rainfall, sunlight and winter. This lock will not rust.

This lock is easy to use. Locking and unlocking will take you 3-5 seconds. When successfully locked, it will have some vibration sound. A reminder handle cable will always remind you that the motorcycle wheel lock is engaged.

Fitted with a 110dB alarm, no thief will withstand the noise from the alarm that will go off once it detects some movement on your bike. This lock will fit in almost all motorcycles models. This lock has three steel keys.

2. Tchipie 110db Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock, Anti-Theft Motorcycle Security Wheel Disk Lock for 7mm Brake Rotor

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Tchipie motorcycle wheel lock will offer much-needed protection against theft and vandalism of your motorbike. The lock features an audible alarm that will immediately set off when the lock detects some vibrations on the bike. The 100dB alarm is loud enough to scare away thieves.

The lock will fit on the majority of the motorcycles and bicycles with disc brakes. This lock is popular among the majority of the motorcycle models. The lock has an aluminum body that features a seal to offer protection against moisture, dirt and dust.

In case you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it and you will have all your money reimbursed. Another feature is that this lock has a bright red color and an orange reminder cable that will scare away potential thieves.

1. YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock with 110db Alarm Sound for Motorcycles Bicycles

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Yohoolyo has a professional design to provide a locking solution to your motorbike or bicycle. The lock features pure metal that makes it sturdy and durable. Fitted with an audible and loud alarm, the alarm will reach 100dB that will be too loud for any intruder to withstand.

This motorcycle wheel lock comes with two keys, this lock will keep your motorcycle, bicycles, or any other equipment with holes or spokes on it wheels secure.

This lock is weatherproof and will not rust. The locking pin has 7 mm so that it will allow you to set it at 360 degrees. A reminder cable will always remind you the lock is engaged and will help keep thieves at bay.


The market has a lot of motorcycle wheel locks that one can choose amongst the many available colors. These locks have distinct features that make each of them unique. Some locks will require you to open them using keys, while others need a combination of numbers to open them. Some locks feature audible alarms that will go off once they detect some vibration on them. A good lock will withstand all weather conditions and will not rust. The above-discussed products are the best in the market and buying one will not be a wrong choice. No one will want to lose a motorcycle simply because they never bought one. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, size and physical appearances.

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