Top 12 Best Leather Reclining Sofas in 2020


An excellent sofa is a great addition to any living room and a good example is a leather reclining sofa. It not only looks visually appealing but also comfortable to anyone who chooses to sit on it. It also makes it possible to relax. As a result, it becomes enjoyable to either read a book or watch a movie alone or with your friends.

However, choosing one especially if you want the best can be hard. Fortunately, this piece comes in handy. It discusses the top 12 leather reclining sofas worth buying. Check them out!

List of our Top 12 Best Leather Reclining Sofas in 2020

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12. FDW 3 Set Sofa Loveseat Chaise Couch Recliner 3 Leather Living Room Furniture PR

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If you need great leather reclining sofas for your bedroom, consider this model by FDW. It is designed based on practicability. That explains its beauty as well as the modern style which is an ideal thing for your home decor. Its dimension is 75.4 inches by 36.2 inches by 39 inches. That is ample space for your relaxation and enough to accommodate even two or more people.

The 3 recliner sofa is also comfortable. That’s because of the likes of pocket coil seating. Its color is brown. In addition to that, it is durable. That’s facilitated by the PU cover and frame made of steel, plywood, and hardwood. Its bold yet sleek lines, as well as the curves, also play a huge role in ensuring that it lasts for long. It is a combination of both motion sofa set and rocker recliner and adds extra decor to any living room.

However, it may not be easy to install if you are working on the same alone.

11. RecPro Charles Collection | 67″ Double Recliner RV Sofa

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These are leather reclining sofas manufactured by RecPro. They measure 67 inches x 39 inches x 37 inches for the width, height, and depth, respectively. Without the armrests, its dimensions are 63.75 inches by 36 inches by 39 inches for the width, depth, and height. That is enough space for relaxation and it can also accommodate more than one person at the same time.

The material is faux leather popularly known as polyurethane. It meets all the standards hence durable. It also makes it easy to clean your reclining leather sofa. Despite being a reclining sofa, it also saves space. That’s because it only has to be 3 inches from the wall for you to enjoy a full recline. The reclining capability, armrests, and ample padding ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. When it comes to value for money, I wouldn’t imagine a better option. It is easy to set up and one can easily learn how to navigate it.

10. Power Recline BarcaLounger Premier II Electric Reclining Sofa – Stetson Coffee

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These leather reclining sofas are a clear indication of where style and comfort meet. The type of leather used by the manufacturer is durable which is why the seat lasts for a long time. In addition to using high-quality leather, the manufacturer has also opted for hardwood and plywood frames. Additionally, its joints are mortise and tension glued.

It also has a unique design which is visually appealing and adds beauty and style to any living room. It also has a luxurious feel hence enjoyable. Each seat cushion has up to 30 pocketed coils. They are also fully enclosed in fabric. They are foam-padded. The padding also contains feathers. All that contributes significantly to its comfort.

Padding is on both the sides and backs of chairs. They also have upholstered handles. Clearly, it is both durable and comfortable. Why wait any longer to make a purchase.

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9. 5pcs Brown Bonded Leather Reclining Sofa Set Home Theater Sectional Sofa Set

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Advanced Furniture also has some incredible leather reclining sofas. They are usually ideal for relaxing when enjoying movie time with friends. That’s because of its reclining feature and the fact that they are comfortable. For those reasons, it is possible to sit on them for a long time without straining your back.

The design includes an extra cushioned seat and barrel backrests for comfort. The sofas are also long-lasting due to the bonded leather as well as the nickel-plated finished studs. The materials of the frame and legs are plywood and plastic, respectively.

It is upholstered with two consoles perfect for holding remote controls or a cup of coffee. It also has a number of reclining seats. It requires assembly too. Unfortunately, there is no delivery to people leaving in Alaska, Hawaii.

8. JUNTOSO Manual Recliner 3-Seat Reclining Couch Sofa Air Leather Living Room Lounge

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For the sake of the comfort of your legs, shoulders, waist, and neck, consider these leather reclining sofa by JUNTOSO. It is multifunctional hence convertible from a recliner to the normal sofa and vice versa. In addition to being comfortable, the seat is also healthy.  It is multifunctional and has a French design. Nevertheless, itsminimalist approach is American.

The seat can recline easily to give you the comfort you seek. To facilitate that, it has a great power reclining mechanism which is convenient to use as well. This seat can accommodate up to 3 people without compromising their comfort.

The frame’s material is pine for longevity. The quality of the sponge is also great for durability and ample padding. It has springs made of springs that do not sag after a while. Its thick air leather is not only soft but also durable and easy to clean.

7. Harper & Bright Designs Sectional Recliner Sofa

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To ensure that you take home a fantastic leather reclining sofa, consider this one. It’s chocolate color makes it blend perfectly with any living room décor including one with a modern style. Comfort is also amazing thanks to the padding, extra spacious seats, and the reclining.

The quality is top-notch because of its metal frame which is quite strong. The fabric is also robust. As much as it is not leather, it looks and feels like it. It is durable hence neither peels nor wears after a while. The fabric is also easy to clean if one finds it appropriate.

Its dimensions are 39.3 x 35.4 x 39.3 inches for the width, depth, and height, respectively. It also requires assembling which is fast and easy. Its split back design facilitates reclining of one seat between an angle of 90 degrees and 150 degrees. It also has cup holders and the recliner function is easy to use.

6. Divano Roma Furniture Classic And Traditional Bonded Leather Recliner Loveseat (2 Seater)

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If you are looking for a two-seat leather reclining sofa, this is it. The love seat sofa can accommodate up to 2 people comfortably. It is classic hence a great addition to any home décor. The faux leather, as well as the plush, ensures that you are as comfortable as possible.

The leather upholstery is soft bonded. It also has a mat finish responsible for preventing both sweat and skin from sticking on it. The padding is stuffed to improve comfort even further. It reclines maximally to ensure that you are as comfortable as you would wish to be. As a matter of fact, you can sleep on it comfortably.

Its dimensions are 56 inches x 29 inches x 39 inches for the length, width, and height, respectively. On the other hand, the seat measures 19 inches H x 21 inches D x 38 inches W. It can recline up to 64 inches. Its assembly is minor as well as straightforward.

5. Classic Double Reclining Loveseat – Bonded Leather Living Room Recliner (Black)

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Say goodbye to rips and tears of your reclining love seat by securing a product like this one. That’s because its upholstery is made of sturdy bonded leather. It is of high quality and consequently durable. Comfort is also at a whole new level since it is not only upholstered but also overstuffed with high-density foam. For that reason, you can relax comfortably.

It reclines excellently because of its level action reclining mechanism. It makes reclining easy and fast. The dimensions are 56 inches x 29 inches x 39 inches. Its seat measures 19 inches by 38 inches by 21 inches for the height, width, and depth, respectively.

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Can you imagine reclining up to 64 inches? That’s precisely what these leather reclining sofas offer hence comfortable. It is big enough to accommodate two people. So, making it your relaxation companion can be a wise decision.

4. 5pcs Brown Bonded Leather Reclining Sofa Set Includes a Push-back Chaise

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This is a set of pieces including a left-arm loveseat with a recliner and a console, a corner wedge, armless chair, console, and RAF push-back chaise. They measure 67 inches x 37 inches x 39 inches H, 12 inches to 59 inches x 37 inches x 39 inches H, 22 inches x 37 inches x 39 inches H, 13 inches x 37 inches x 39 inches H and 32 inches x 59 inches x 39 inches H, respectively.

Their materials are plywood, plastic and foam fiber for the frame, legs, and padding. They play are great role when it comes to durability and comfort. It is also comfortable because of the wide seating area and two-tiered pillow plush cushion.

You need to do some assembly before using it but it is usually fast and easy.

3. BestMassage Recliner Sofa Set 3PCS Motion Loveseat Living Room sectional Reclining,Sofa PU Leather Chair

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Don’t let limited space come between you and comfort. Instead, grab this leather reclining sofa that will not take a lot of your wall space. That’s because it only has to be 2 inches from the wall for it to recline fully. It also comes in pieces so that it will easily get through your door. Once they are inside, it will be easy to assemble because you need neither tools nor expertise. In fact, it will only take 3 minutes of your time.

Its material is PU leather which is not only durable but also easy to clean. Its frame is made of the solid wood frame. In addition to that, it has a padding of high-density sponge. It is easy to recline and the reclining is adjustable so that you can be comfortable.

2. Sofa Set Recliner Sofa 3 PCS Motion Sofa Loveseat Recliner PU Leather Sofa

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If you are looking for a reclining sofa that can put you to a near-horizontal position, then this is an ideal choice. It is adjustable to cater for the various preferences. It is also easy to recline it to your preferred position.

Its comfort is supported further by its design. That includes high-density sponge padding. Its durability is a guarantee thanks to the PU leather and the sturdy wooden frame. To recline perfectly, it is advisable to keep it at least 7 inches from the wall.

It is easy to assemble and takes 3 minutes only. It is also waterproof and easy to clean. The seat is ideal for your office, bedroom, hotel, meeting room, and dining room.

1. Recliner Sofa PU Leather Sofa Recliner Couch Manual Reclining Sofa Recliner Chair

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For comfort and great relaxation, think about these leather reclining sofas by BestMassage. They are perfect for your living room to give it that modern look. It is also comfortable due to its reclining feature and its high-density sponge.

It is also long-lasting since the material is high-quality PU leather. Its frame is also sturdy. It is also easy to go through your door, assemble and recline. Its space-saving nature is also incredible.

Advantages of buying the best Leather Reclining Sofas

  • Health benefits: They are believed to relieve stress which could save you from many more complications. The reclining sofas also help when it comes to aching joints and improves blood circulation a great deal.
  • Comfort: You can rest assured that you will be comfortable when using a leather reclining sofa. That’s because most of them are upholstered and padded. They also recline for ample comfort.
  • Leather material:The list of benefits of leather as a material is endless. First, it is durable. Secondly, they are easy to clean and give any room a stylish look.


We hope that the guide will help you make a great decision when choosing from the myriad leather reclining sofas in the market. Make sure that whatever you take home meets both your needs and preferences. Also, keep in mind the available space to ensure that you buy something that can fit in your room. Once you do that, all will be well as far as relaxing is concerned.

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