Top 20 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs Under 100$ in 2020


The word chair comes from the 13th century English word ‘chaere’. It is a simple piece of furniture used for seating. Two wooden pieces are attached together at an angle for the comfortable seating of a person. The seat of the chair is attached to four slender but strong wooden pieces to support the seat of the chair which are known as the legs of the chair. Chairs also have armrest which are the slender looking wooden pieces attached to the resting piece as well as the seat for supporting the arms of the person seated. The chairs have been into existence since at least the early dynastic period of Egypt. Chairs can be made of different materials such as wood, metals, stones or acrylic. With the changing time and designs a number of chairs have come up. The various kinds of chairs include Armchair, Aeron chair, Balance chair, Ball chair, etc.

Top 20 Best cheap gaming chairs under 100$ in 2020

20. JUMMICO Gaming Chair Ergonomic Leather Racing Computer Chair

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This gaming chair is of racing style. It has high-quality soft cushioning the backrest of the chair which provides un-matchable comfort while gaming. It accompanies thick padding in its armrest to provide ample support in the to your long gaming and streaming sessions. The gamer can rock back and forth on this chair by simply adjusting the knob in the positioned below the seat. This function provides better relaxation while heavy gaming hours. It sports an ergonomic curve which provides ample support to the back and prevents backbone injuries.

19. SEATZONE Swivel Office Chair, Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Gaming Chair

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This chair is considered a racing chair. It is perfect for office workers who need to stay seated for hours in front of the computer screen. It has a message like back and hip support which reduces the strain that a person experience while seating for long hours. This chair has a large bucket style seat and has thick padding in the back. The foam cushion used in this chair is a little hard not like other cheap options which have very soft seating and reduces the seating comfort and experience.

18. JUMMICO gaming Chair

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With a large backrest and a seat cushion, the user gets to enjoy an intense gaming session for a long time with this gaming chair. The ergonomic support is an add-on. The 360-degree swivel and the casters that roll smoothly makes it a definite buy. According to the demands, the user can adjust this gaming chair at any angle, be it for working purposes or napping purposes.

17. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair

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It is an ergonomic chair which has a thick padded backrest and a wide seat. It is available in many attractive colors. This chair can be used as in many forms it can be a like a regular office swivel chair, a computer desk chair or suitable study chair in which children can study and enjoy their study. It also sports an adjustable armrest, which users can recline up when armrest not required.

16. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair High Back Computer Desk Chair 

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It is a tall and wide chair which has a unique design profile. The armrest of these chairs is wide enough to hold a big arm with ease. The armrests are also both height and width adjustable so that it fits in any kind of desk. The chair uses a whole-in-one design language for the production of the back. It has a breathable mesh back which helps to reduce sweat while using it for long hours.

15. BestMassage Office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Swivel Chair 

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This is a high back chair with a unique appearance of its own. This chair has a densely cushioned seat which provides supreme comfort. It is made up of soft PU leather material which makes it a perfect addition for any one’s office setup. It has a recline locking feature which enables the user to lock the chair while it is reclined backward. In addition to all, it also provides a headrest with the package.

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14. JUMMICO Ergonomic Gaming Chair High Back Racing Computer Chair

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This chair has a deep bucket like a seat and thick padded cushions. It features a freely movable headrest pillow, curved back shape to provide support to your spine and reduce spinal injuries. It has a 360-degree swivel, smooth rolling caster wheels, and adjustable braces with a 90 to 150 degree of freedom. It also includes support to the shoulder. It is finely shaped to match the exact shape of a human body.

13. ModernLuxe Terra series chair

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This chair is made up of soft PU leather which makes a long sitting session on this chair very comfortable. It has a very small footprint so it can fit into any office space. It has high-quality rolling wheels which makes it easy to move on the floor without scratching the floor. It supports easy 360-degree swivel and reclining feature. The back of this chair is designed to provide ample support to the spine. It looks very professional and can be easily used as an office chair.

12. Essentials by OFM ESS-3086

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It is a race car style gaming chair. When sitting on this chair for long sessions, it provides unmatchable comfort and luxury. It sports a padded headrest integrated to the chair, It has contoured seating, the armrests are padded and are placed high and also supports flipping up, it has height adjust so that the user always finds the correct height for comfort, recline adjust and locking control, and 360-degree swivel.

11. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair High Back Computer Desk

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It is a chair which will bring happiness to the female gamers. With cool patchwork, contrast color, and embroidery is done on the seat, it is an attention grabber. It has an ergonomic racing chair-like design. It provides ample options for giving support to the body structure of the user. It has a reclining backrest with a cushion near the hip area. It relieves strain from one’s body and helps to keep the body happy.

10. Racing Office Chair, High-Back PU Leather Gaming Chair

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This is a racing office chair with a high back and good lumbar support. It has densely padded seats which help in easy elimination of back pain that one might experience while long gaming sessions and working hours. It has a high contrast design which makes it perfect for all kind of setups like study table chair, Desk chair or even a bosses chair. It has a 360-degree swivel and smooth caster wheel for easily moving it from place to place.

9. New High Back Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair


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This chair has a racing car’s seat like profile. The seats are very bucket like and have a thick cushion. The cushion used in this chair is of high-quality material and is very soft to touch. This chair has a very traditional look to it and fits perfectly in any office setup. This chair has a certificate of high quality from BIFIMA. The design of this chair is very human-oriented and provides ample support to the body.

8. Gaming Office Chair, High-Back Racing Chair PU Leather Chair

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This reclining chair has a new gaming style to it. It has a got unique appearance to it which appeals to a lot of gamers. It is a high back style gaming chair so it provides ample support to the back. The back and the armrest of this chair are designed in such a way that you won’t feel any into your body even after having long work hours. It has got reclining lock support which allows the user to set the back in a nice and comfortable reclined position.

7. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather Office Chair 

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This gaming chair is produced using high quality and durable PU leather. It has removable headrest had provides lumbar support. It has a high backrest which provides a user with a comfortable of their backbone and gives good support to the neck. It has a special reclining feature which allows this chair to be locked and any reclined position between 90-degree and 180-degree. This gaming chair is meant to provide high gaming comfort with its heavily padded cushions.

6. BestMassage Gaming Office Chair, High-Back Racing Chair

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This is a high back chair with a unique appearance of its own. This chair has a heavily cushioned seat which provides ample comfort. It is made up of soft PU leather material which makes it a perfect addition for any one’s office setup. It includes a headrest with the package. It has a recline lock quality which enables the user to lock the chair while it is reclined backward.

5. Essential racing style leather gaming chair

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This chair has got a race car’s seat like style to it. It gives comfort to the user and provides a luxurious feel. It gives ample comfort while used during long gaming sessions and long working hours. It features Hight adjustable seat, has a recline locking feature which enables a user to recline the backrest to the desired position for more comfort. The arms of this chair can flip up and it also has a swivel feature to it.

4. Gaming chair carbon fiber leather

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This chair has big and wide seats which are thick and deep like buckets. This has a cushion attached at the bottom of the chair which gives extra support to the user. It has an ergonomic design. It has got a three-point support structure to support your head, lumber, and spine. This chair has got a 360-degree swivel feature, adjustable brackets and with a recline freedom of 90-degree to 180-degree. It has an explosion-proof gas lift and premium rolling wheels.

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3. Homall leather headrest chair

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For making this chair a high-quality carbon fiber style soft PU. It is stylish. The frame is made up of stainless steel, so it will not rust and will last a very long time. Only high-quality materials are chosen while making this chair. It has got all the nifty features that a chair must have like, It has got the 360-degree swivel which is very smooth, recline adjust, height adjust, detachable neck pillow, and smooth and free caster wheels.

2. Devoko ergonomic gaming chair

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This chair has got a premium feel to it. It has a high backrest with which is covered by premium breathable leather. It has freely adjustable lumbar support and has got a detachable neck pillow which protects your neck and spine from any kind of injuries. It has a 360-degree swivel rotation, Height adjust, and easy tilt lock feature. It has got very smooth and freely moveable caster wheel which makes it easy for moving this chair without and scratch to the floor.

1. Furmax office desk chair

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This is a high back office cum gaming chair. It has got leather seats which are deep and bucket like. It has got padded armrest that is fixed in a very comfortable position. The base of this chair is a 5-star base and has a 360-degree swivel. The wheels on this chair are very smooth, it does not make any noise while moving and does not scratch the floor. It has an ergonomic design which is perfect for relaxing during long work days.

Benefits of Buying These

The gaming chair doesn’t come at a very high price and are affordable by most of the people. The chairs are a beneficial expenditure. Most of them come equipped with homogeneous speakers, 2.1 AFM technology, built-in vibration, etc. Some of them also have pivot capacities to allow easy movement within the given space. The gaming chairs come packed with all these awesome attributes in a very cost friendly price and helps the person to have some quality gaming session.

In today’s time there are a number of games present be it online or offline and the people playing those games are called the gamers. However games are played for fun and relaxation. While playing those games if we are continuously disturbed due to back pain or need to get up from the place it’s not a very quality feeling. Therefore there are chairs specially designed for such a purpose those are called the gaming chairs. They free us from the clutches of back pain that one generally acquire after constantly sitting down at a particular place. These chairs are strategically designed to facilitate better posture which helps a person to develop a good posture and eventually getting rid of those taxing back aches which one might get after playing games over a long stretch of time. Prolonged sitting may also affect the upper back portion leading to neck pain, etc. All these problems can be avoided by choosing the right kind of gaming chair for ourselves to attain the ultimate gaming experience. Due to the easy movement of the chairs, they also prevent stiffness of the muscles by maintaining proper blood circulation. Hence buying these chairs is a good investment for those people who need to sit down and do their work for a prolonged period of time.

Today most of us live in compact apartment that does not allow us to have enough space. Most of these chairs have wheels attached to what we call the leg of the chair which facilitates easy movement. As a result of this, they can be moved when and where required during cleaning the house or the apartment. We can also change the place of their kept as and when needed. Most of them also give us the option to fold it and doesn’t require much place for storage. The chair also help in easy cleaning of itself be it a leather chair, fabric chair or bean bag and also last for a long time. They can be cleaned with a dry cloth and doesn’t require much of our efforts for cleaning it.


To sum it up, the gaming chair comes loaded with various features which allow the person to do his or her work at ease. The main work of the gaming chairs is to provide the person some quality gaming session and it stands true to its words. They prevent the person from having back pain, neck pain, and other kind of pains and also allow easy blood flow throughout the body which doesn’t make a person feel tired even after sitting on the chair for a long time. It is available on different kind of websites and also in the nearby stores of the person at a very affordable price making it a very good investment.

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