Top 12 Best Aikido Pants and Uniforms in 2020 


Aikido pants and uniforms will help you to practice for different Japanese martial arts. Every sport requires you to wear a unique uniform. However, the uniform should keep you protected and allow you to make a free movement. You can either buy pants or uniform. In order to get the best aikido pants and uniforms, you should check the fabric, materials, ease of cleaning, durability, flexibility, and other aspects. In this guide, we have prepared the best aikido pants and uniforms for you to choose. We have left no stones unturned and given you all the details. Therefore, read this review of the top 12 best aikido pants and uniforms in 2020.

Our List of Top 12 Best aikido pants and uniforms

12. Printed Vintage Style Aikido Silhouette Child Boys Girls Unisex Fashion Sweatpants

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The designers of this Printed Vintage style Aikido ensured it is unisex: both ladies and men can wear the uniform. Also, they used not only a lightweight but also a skin-friendly material. This uniform brings comfort even if it is worn throughout the day due to its 100% cotton. Adults, children, and joggers can use this Aikido Silhouette uniform without experiencing fitness issues.  The fact that specialists recommend the sweatpants for winter or fall says everything.

If you are worried about washing, this uniform should not bother you at all – it is machine and hand washable. Also, most people have found it windproof and giving a soft hand feel. You can use aikido pants and uniforms for professional competition, outdoor events, and casual ceremonies. Additionally, they have a flexible waist to minimize dressing time. You can keep your phone or small items in their back pockets too.

Most people love them because of the soft hand feel that comes with them. The product isexactly as shown in the picture.

11. Tozando Pure Cotton Color Stable Aikido Hakama ‘TAKE’ – Made in Japan

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These are among the best Japanese made aikido pants and uniforms. They are made from a thick cotton fabric. Additionally, this material has a particular sheen and lasts long without a tear. The only difference between it and the indigo cotton models is that its color does not bleed. Therefore, staining the dojo mat or the white garments does not break a bone.

These aikido pants and uniforms are ideal for the intended sport. You can move it easily since it has a short front hem. Also, this feature makes it super easy to get up. Rolling on a mat does not hurt thanks to its comforting rubber.

When it comes to the Himo/belts, these type of uniforms have reinforced ones. Thus, you can make a tight knot when you wear them with the assurance that the uniform will last.

The reasons why most people prefer this product to other aikido pants and uniform is that they allow easy movement and maintains neatness. Also, their reinforced slits at the sides minimize the chances of tearing.

10. ZooBoo Martial Arts Aikido Judo Student Karate Gi Suit Uniform Costume with Belt

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This karate Gi is among the best aikido pants and uniforms you will come across. The designers made it purposely for martial art based activities. Thus, if you are a judo student or aikido professional, you can walk into your session conveniently wearing this uniform without hassles. They added a superior quality white belt so that it can fit perfectly and give you comfort.

This costume is tailored using 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Hence, it is a product of one of the best manufacturing processes. If you are probably not sure about the waist, these pants are ideal for everyone. The manufacturer, to ensure you have a nonslip wearing, added a high tension elastic cord. Lastly, you will receive a set of a pant, a shirt, and a white belt.

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9. Moosool BUDO Aikido Uniform

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If you are looking for aikido pants and uniforms, you should consider this uniform from Moosool. They made it with maximum comfort in mind. In addition, it is flexible when wearing and enhances a feeling of satisfaction. Regardless of whether you are planning to attend a short or long competition, this is your best companion for the Aikido. Also, its premium quality cotton, and lightweight nature makes it worth every penny.

If you love to have Budo exercises, you cannot afford to miss this Moosol Aikido uniform. More so, its Judogi style jacket is so light that most people value it. This uniform has gained recognition due to the jacket. Many people also love the base with elastic waistband pants which the manufacturer stitched six times for longevity.

8. BUTOKU SEIKA Bleached Aikido Uniform Set

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We added this BUTOKU Aikido uniform to our list since it has solid stitching and it is comprised of high-quality fabric. If you need aikido pants and uniforms for your martial arts, this is a recommendable uniform. Furthermore, it comes in different sizes to offer you a wide variety.

If you do not love the idea of patches, you can opt out the available brand patches. Additionally, BUTOKU Aikido will fit you perfectly and will not deter your movement.

The manufacturer used sturdy fabric – cotton – that is durable. Also, this 100% cotton material gives you a good sensation and comfort. When you buy, you will get a full package containing a belt, jacket, and pants.

7. ZooBoo Mens Kendo/Aikido Keikogi Hakama Martial Arts Jackets

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Whether you are a beginner, learning new skills, or a professional who is practicing, this is one of the best aikido pants and uniforms you should have. However, we recommend this one for men. You can use it in different Kung Fu types such as aikido, kendo, and iaido. Also, this uniform is easy to clean with your hands or a machine.

ZooBoo employs excellent workmanship to manufacture these durable martial art jackets. Perhaps, that is why it is known as magnificent noragi/kendogi. If you look at its design inside of its fabric, however, you will see blue-white star patterns. Generally, you can rest with a 100% quality guarantee.

This uniform utilizes the kendo clothes fabric made with pure cotton. This is one thing that people consider. Also, there are different sizes to choose from: ranging from XXS to XL.

6. Tozando Essential Tetron Aikido Hakama – Black

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You can always trust aikido pants and uniforms from Tozando. This is a corresponding brand that has been producing Budo and martial arts uniforms. Furthermore, they are available from size 22 to size 30.

This Tozando essential Aikido Hakama is available in black color. Additionally, it is ideal and convenient to wear regardless of the season. Tozando used a combination of polyester and rayon in proportions of 65% and 35% respectively. Also, it is not only easy to wash it but also to dry it.

This uniform is lightweight due to the Tetron fabric from Hakama product. In addition, it brings out an orthodox look.

There is a lot of appreciation for the comfortable fit the uniform gives to the users – thanks to the identical front and back length. Lastly, the 5 stars rating it has on shows the comfort of this product.

5. Ronin Brand Black Judo/Ju-Jitsu Uniform

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Are you looking for the best aikido pants and uniforms for BJJ, karate, kekmpo, kendo, grappling, and other Kung Fu types? Then look no further. This is a great uniform from Ronin brand. Also, they added shoulder material and a cushioned collar to this jacket. Besides, you are likely to love its reinforcements of the armpits and at the neck and shoulders edging.

Its design features diamond splits at the sides for easy movement. Furthermore, Ronin stitched the material in the collar to make it appear finished. You will also see a triple stitched reinforcement if you look at its sleeves. Although the cloth appears black, it is made using 100% cotton before a special dye is applied.

The Judo Gi has a heavy-duty weave design. Hence, you can engage in sparring and rigorous training without fear. You will also enjoy its reinforced stitching around its sleeves, chest and the neck.

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4. Tozando Deluxe Tetron Aikido Hakama – Made in Japan

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This is yet another type of aikido pants and uniforms made in Japan. More so, this Tozando Delux Aikido hakama has an impressive appearance and is lightweight. You will have no problems moving since it has a short front. Additionally, you should get the right size by taking measurements between your top hip bone and anklebone while standing.

The manufacturing process involved the use of 100% TETRON polyester/rayon blend. With its matte texture, you can be sure that it will be lightweight and serve you for a long time. Also, you can create a special pleats shape by exceptionally ironing the internally stitched pleats.

Most people love its durability that comes from its seven lines stitches. Further, it does not tear easily, and that probably explains why it has 5 stars on

3. Tozando YOMOGI Anti-Bacterial Aikido Gi & Pants Set

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If you are looking for the best aikido pants and uniforms that are extremely comfortable, this is an ideal choice. Moreover, the Aikido Gi & pants set is worth investing in and also suitable to wear during summer. If you happen to sweat regularly, you can buy this uniform that has anti-odor and anti-bacterial qualities.

By blending fine particles of polyester and cotton, the manufacturer prepares a fiber called “Unitika Pulper.” Eventually, they use it to make this uniform. Also, the fabric is thin –yet of high quality – to make it more comfortable. If you like aikido pants and uniforms that are reinforced at the shoulders, knee, and collar, this is all you need.

The manufacturing process involves incorporation of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Therefore, the uniform will absorb your sweat.

2. Tozando Essential Aikido Gi & Pants Set

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This is a full set of jacket, pants, and belt from Tozando. With the Tozando Essential uniform, you will be ready to take part in any aikido practice.

The manufacturer used a 100% bleached cotton to make the full set. Additionally, they use Sashiko fabric for a single weaving of the jacket without a back seam.

The main reason it is gaining popularity is its quality material. Also, Gi & pants set is ideal for beginners. Finally, the product has 5 stars rating on Amazon.

1. ZooBoo Mens Kendo Aikido Hapkido Martial Arts Sportswear Hakama

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Wearing the best aikido pants and uniforms will make you feel professional and have some pride. Similarly, this Hakama sportswear will stimulate your physical and mental strengths. Also, it will give you a competitive advantage among the challengers and colleagues.

This sportswear is lightweight and has simple maintenance. Besides, its kendo trousers and kendogi jacket are also lightweight. If you experience intense sweating during practice, this set has cotton material that absorbs it and creates a cooling effect. Therefore, you will feel comfortable- even with sensitive skin.

Most people love these aikido pants and uniforms because they have a soft and attractive design. Also, it makes them comfortable during kendo practice.

Benefits of using Aikido Pants and Uniforms in 2020

  1. Comfortable feeling – these aikido pants and uniforms are made of extremely soft cotton that provides a good skin sensation.
  2. Sweat absorption – these sportswear helps in respiration and create a cooling effect. Some of them are also odorless.
  3. They provide a free movement– aikido pants and uniforms may contain side slips that allow provides comfort during movement.
  4. Protection– they have reinforced chest, sleeves, and neck.


If you want to continue or join aikido training, the need to have comfortable aikido pants and uniforms is inevitable. Additionally, consider the most convenient pant or a full set of uniform. Most of them are lightweight and provides you extra comfort and protection. If elegance is an option, feel free to choose your favorite too. These are the top 12 best aikido pants and uniforms in 2020.

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